Today is my 4 year surgiversary!

Julie Nolan
on 6/3/12 2:26 pm - RI

My original 'big' weight was 286. My weight today is 129.6! I have maintained this for over 2 years. Admittadly (sp?) it's been a stuggle. But even though I STILL have osteoarthritis and lots of joint pain in my hips and lower back (two herniated discs)....I KNOW for a FACT I have delayed many, many surgeries because of weight loss. Not to mention,,,,NO MORE CPAP or walking with two canes or a walker or someone holding my arm!!!!

AND I have a LAP for my grandchildren AND ADULT Children to sit on an cuddle and have Mommy/Gramma time! Precious to no end!

And My Hubba Wubbins....Oh MY Lanta!!!! Even with arthritis....we can find the way~~~ LOL

Don't mean to be graphic...

Four years have gone by so fast!!! I've started six support groups that are going strong and I am so lucky enough to visit members every week who have had ANY weight loss surgery!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I get paid from this! I do it all volunteerily and have to say...NO one can pay me enough monetarily! I love my life!

Thank you for all your support through out the years. I love you all so much! I can NOT make it without YOUR inspiration!

Thanks so much for ALWAYS being here for me!

Happy 4th Surgiversary!!!


For Info about Rhode Island Support Groups, please email me!  [email protected]

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