on 6/24/11 12:59 pm - AL
Came home yesterday.  Surgery went great with no hitches.  More sore from using my back and shoulder muscles to get in/out of bed than anything.  Worse thing that happened when I got home is kids wanted me to watch Open Season 2 with them.  Good thing I was pretty tired and fell asleep shortly after it started cause it HURTS TO LAUGH!  (and cough)  Will post on my blog about surgery when I can just wanted to let everyone know I made it through with flying colors.

                  "When you know better, you do better." ~Maya Angelou~

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on 6/25/11 10:26 pm - KS
So good to hear that you are home and doing well. I am just one day behind you and I agree it hurts to laugh and cough! LOL  Take care of yourself!
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on 6/26/11 3:27 am
Glad to see that you are home.  I got home Saturday the 25th.  How are you doing with gas?  My gas is bad.  Started passing last night and today.  So glad to get this stuff out of me.  I got up about 4am to start the intake of fluids and vitiamins.  I walked thismoring and then I feel alseep about 9am.  I will be heading to store with DH to pick up some nic nacs.  My babies will be taking care of me tommorrow.

Talk to you later and take later.
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on 6/26/11 7:18 am - AL
The only painful gas I have had was right out of surgery.  I have had gas, just not painful.  I haven't had hardly any pain in the whole experience. I am so thankful!  Keep up your walking and that will help a lot.  I haven't gone anywhere but the pharmacy on the way home from the hospital.  I think I will venture out tomorrow.

                  "When you know better, you do better." ~Maya Angelou~

BW 334.4 / CW: 227 / GW 180             
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