I feel blessed

Rachael Richardson
on 10/15/12 11:30 am, edited 10/15/12 11:32 am - Alexandria , VA
RNY on 06/20/11 with
Surgery weight on June 20th 2011 was 250 lbs.  I now weigh 144 pounds, wear a size 4 or 6 and feel great!!  This surgery was so worth it..it changed my life mentally and physically.  I never thought I would ever feel this good again.  I have confidence, my life back and enjoy doing things I could not do before.  I even started dancing again...thank you God for giving me this opportunity.
on 10/18/12 4:11 am
Wow that is amazing! You are doing GREAT! My surgery was on June 22nd 2012 and I have lost 165lbs. I went from 311 lbs to 146lbs and I feel GREAT! I am hoping to lose another 10lbs but I havent lost anything in over 2 months. This was the best thing I ever did for myself!!!
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