Long Time No Post 144lbs gone forever

on 12/4/12 11:25 am - Bronx, NY

I randomly decided to check in here. Surgery 6/21/11 at 364 lbs

Now weigh 220

went from 26/28 to a 10 top and 12/14 bottom

Loving everything about life and I've become a gym rat and now focus on clean eating

Love seeing folks' progress around the site

Keep up the good work

SW: 364  Surgery Date: 6.21.11 *VSG*  LifeOfANappyHeadedFatChic.tumblr.com
on 12/5/12 2:11 pm - TX

Thanks for the post....just found this page, wish I had known of it earlier in my journey. Better late than never. :-)

HW: 328   GW: 164  CW: 159  Height - 5' 8"  
GOAL REACHED 12/15/2012!!!!!!!!!

RNY Surgery Date:  6/21/11  
LBL/BL  - 11/6/2012 Arm Lift with Abdominal Lipo - 12/11/2012 - Dr. Paul PIn
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