Happy Anniversary All!

on 7/15/09 4:00 pm - Somewhere, AR
Hey everyone,

Actually, the only person I recognize is Nancy! Nonetheless, here is to all of us July 2004 babies! I hope your journey's continue to be productive and joyful! Happy Anniversary

Much Luv and thanks for such wonderful support over the years!

Here is to 5 more and 5 more after that!


on 7/16/09 1:48 am - NJ
Hi Tweedybird!   I remember you for sure!   How are you doing?  

Can you believe it's been five years?  I'm still hanging in there; gaining and losing the same 10 lbs.   I do know for sure that if I let myself, I could gain all of my weight back.  I try and stay on the South Beach diet; or should I say the South Beach way of life, but I do have my moments when the demon sugar wins me over!

All in all life is good and having the surgery is the best decision I ever made.

As always....

us2bfat C.
on 11/14/09 6:04 pm - selden, NY
wow nancy its been a long time its great to see you .......i remeber going to the conference ... that was fun... how have you been??? things are pretty much the same here working working and just simply nothing....... but anyway its good to see you ... i wonder how the rest of the gang is !!!!!!!
Love Stacy @ }------------
3 yrs and maintaining

"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, It just means
 you've decided to look beyond life's imperfection's


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