HELLO, Hello, hello

on 7/7/13 11:07 am - NM

Anyone else hear that echo in here?  Speak up.  I wan to reconnect with people that know what I went through and am going though.  The good.  The bad.  The ugly.  And, the amazing.  I want to hear it.

on 7/21/13 10:10 am

The good.... I'm not over 300 anymore.

The bad.... still fighting the sugar demon and regain.

Amazing... my bloodwork... I am healthy!


How about you!


on 7/21/13 1:25 pm - NM

I did great at first, then over the years I bumped back up to 180.  So, over the last year I have lost back down to within 5 pounds of my goal weight (150).  I too have had to fight the sugar demon.  Somedays it is the only thing  I can keep down.  Go figure.  And because I can't keep food down, there are days that I don't eat.  But, most days are good as long as I remember to chew chew chew and don't over eat.  My biggest problem is iron.  The less I weigh, the lower it goes.  And, I hate those pills.  All of my other blood work is good.  Thanks for replying.  It is great to hear from someone "my age".

Siouxsie Rodriguez
on 4/9/15 5:10 am - Temescal Valley, CA

Last 3 years have been HARD! Went form 150 to 190. Now at 185. Working hard to get my body back. I have had some health issues that contributed to the gain. Hopefull it is all behind me.

My husband ..that I met in support group just had a revision. He only lost 50 lbs the first time around and when he met with his new Dr this previous surgery was botched. He has now lost 50 pounds in 2 months feeling and looking good. He is my inspiration to get healthy again

WLS 2004/Current/Goal!
Working on getting those pounds BACK Off !

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