STILL Fighting

on 1/10/15 1:15 pm

I know no one comes here any more, but just in case...


July 2014 - the scale at the doctor's office read 301. Just 53 lbs to go before being back where I started.


November 2014 - Began researching the Apollo Overstitch, and endoscopic revision procedure. 


December 2014 - Investigational endoscopy found one staple that had migrated into my stomach lining (easy fix) and that my stoma is 5cm, more than 5 times what it's supposed to be.


January 12, 2015 - Surgery date for a second chance. I'm having the Overstitch done to reduce my stoma size (pouch is still small). Surgeon says this is why I can eat more at a time than normal (hello footlong sub!) AND why I get hungry soon after eating, particularly low-carb foods. That bread and pasta that we shouldn't eat are gummy, which plugs the stoma better, keeping me fuller longer. Protein foods gush out, surgeon's words. Down to 283 as of one day pre-op.


So I am still struggling, STILL fighting. But I am alive, and life is good!

on 8/22/15 4:42 pm

It's sad that's there's no one out here anymore.  I'm STILL fighting too!

Don't give up! :)


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