Surgery July 29, 2010

G. Queen
on 7/16/10 5:27 pm
I am having my RNY/Gastric Bypass at Palmetto General Hospital in Florida. I am a bit scared and wish someone who is only a few weeks into surgery to tell me how it went. I wish you all great good luck and may all your dreams come true.
Elyse Lugo        
on 7/17/10 11:45 pm
Congrats... I am also July 29th ... woot woot .. .
LilySlim - Personal pictureLilySlim Weight loss tickers
HT 5'3"/ HW:292 / Consult wt:276 / Surgery wt:259/Goal 155lbs
on 7/18/10 9:55 am - Opelousas, LA

My surgery is scheduled for July 29th also.    Hope everything goes well.  Are you nervous?  I am.

on 7/22/10 10:41 am - MO
*raises hand* I too am July 29th. Well, as long as they can get my blood pressure to go down before then. Apparently it's too high. The anesthesiologist said he'd not do surgery on me w/ it being as high as it is.

I didn't even know I had high blood pressure again until today. It's been running 120-130/70-90 for the last year. Today it was 187/116.


Good luck! I want to keep in touch so we can all share our stories.
on 7/26/10 8:33 am - Virginia Beach, VA
I'm a July 29th Gal as well!! Prayers to all of us!
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