Count down...July 30th Surgery RNY

on 7/20/10 4:01 am - Canada
Hello, It is 5days of protain shakes and a few lettuce leaves  , in prep for surgery.I'm excited and  little  scared  .  Anyone else out there going through the same ???
on 7/20/10 11:51 am - Knoxville, TN
I'm excited and scared too.  I have 6 days until my surgery andI can't quite get my head around it.   But I know things will be great.  a life changing event.  Kind ofscary having someone rearrange my insides but it will all be worth it.

on 7/20/10 4:26 pm - MO
I am having surgery the 29th. Scared. Nervous. Those are just two words I can say that would describe how I am feeling.

I am on 2 weeks worth of liquids pre op to shrink liver and it's HARD.  I hope and pray I can do this and come out okay.

So yes, going through it, too. Hope you do fine! :) 
on 7/23/10 9:38 am - Canada
Hi, today I completed one week today of protain shakes,  and now one week to go...  and than surgery. I must say the two weeks of protain shakes is very hard !  I'm so emotional I cry  several times a day. THis  is truly a test.  I hope you  are well.
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