RNY July 29th & thought I was ready, but so scared now

on 7/20/10 4:43 pm - MO
I am 33 yrs old and had LapBand in 04. It slipped and I did end up losing weight (couldn't eat at ALL, threw up everything for a year straight) ... lost 160 lbs. Had to get it out during a pregnancy and ended up getting pregnant twice in one years time and having two beautiful babies... BUT also gained a TON of weight back... MORE than I had lost.

So, now I am approved, scheduled for surgery next week. BUT I am so nervous  and hoping I am doing the right thing.

I used to read these boards all the time and it was great. I've been away too long and don't know anyone anymore. I miss having the support...

I am hoping to meet others having surgery the same week as me to help me through this journey.

Are any of you on facebook? 

Nice to meet you all and I look forward to talking... a lot.  
on 7/21/10 2:02 am - Malden, MA
I had the band a while ago too and mine was too small and I got angry and left the band in there but put on all the weight I had gained.  After I got out of my depression I went back to my doctor and we decided to just do the gastric....I had that done on Monday, yes it is painful but its worth it in my opinion.

I got really scared the week before but I want to be healthy and happy and this is the path that I needed to take and I have made it through so far, so be nervous that is normal but dont let it rule your decision, I am pretty sure if you are here talking about it then you are doing the right thing for yourself.
on 7/21/10 2:39 am - Austin, TX
RNY on 07/15/10 with
 Hi, I just had surgery last week and am also looking for support from those who came before me!  :)  I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel having to go through this process again. I completely understand being scared and unsure. What helped me ( the few days before surgery when I started to question out of fear) was to take a deep breath and remember why I started down this path and what I was hoping to gain (and lose). I was trying to keep in mind how important this decision was to my future. How I might be able to lead a normal life--not a life cloaked in my weight. But, I was still scared. Not so unsure, felt in my gut I was doing the right thing...but still scared. As you know, it's not easy. But you will do what you need to! Good luck!
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on 7/21/10 5:27 am - MO
thank you both. i am sure i can not lose the weight w/o this tool, as i've tried and failed many times before.

plus, i am so overweight now that it'd be almost impossible to lose the weight on my own. i can barely walk and am only in my early 30's. i have three kids (10, 2 and 1) and really need to get healthy for their sake as well as my own.

Thanks and look forward to reading a lot on here.

G. Queen
on 7/22/10 4:22 am
Hi there, my name is Elyse nd I will be in 7/29. I gained 110 lbs because I hurt my knee. I'm scared too but we are doing the right thing. I will be here to give you courage! WE CAN DO THIS! If we can give birth, this should be the motivation for a healthy life with the kids... Muahhhz!
Elyse Lugo        
on 7/21/10 12:46 pm
I'm still a little scared myself and it's tomorrow morning at 7a.m. Best of luck to you and everyone who is traveling down this road. Keep you in my thoughts for sure!
on 7/21/10 2:32 pm - MO
i just said some prayers for you that all goes well tomorrow morning (when you read this it'll have passed, i'm sure) and praying that your recovery goes well, also.

I imagine the night before is going to be very hard for me, too.
Michelle R.
on 7/21/10 1:22 pm, edited 7/21/10 1:24 pm - Spencer, MA
I am also scheduled to have surgery on the 29th of July.  Everytime doubt starts to creep in, I just keep reminding myself of how quickly the years go by and how fabulous I will be in 2011!  I have 2 beautiful boys ages 10 & 12 and they worry about me, but I cant wait to be a more healthy active Mom and most of all to not HATE shopping for clothing anymore.

I especially look forward to next year, when we take pictures at special events, I want to be able to have the confidence to take a photo without "hiding" behind one of my boys.  I just keep picturing how wonderful 2011 will  be and so should you when the doubt creeps in!


"Taking one day at a time, knowing my future is bright!"

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on 7/22/10 3:14 am - Knoxville, TN
If your not scared then there has to be something wrong.  I'm scared, but I'm more scared of not being able to take care of my son.  I think its important for us to set the example of a healthy lifestyle for the kids.  My poor son is fed some of the weirdest food for a 2yr old because I'm scared all he will want to eat is junk food.  He eats calamari, su****hai, tofu, ect because of my paranoia.  Things will work out.  You understand what your getting yourself into and I think that helps.  Just think by Christmas we should all be at least 50lbs lighter.  YEAH!!!

on 7/23/10 1:38 am - lawrenceville, GA
Hi , I am 35and I just had my RNY on Monday  I wasnt scared until the day of then I started getting nervous  but I knew i made the right choice for me. I left  the hospital on Tues and  yesterday I went to  pay a bill, went to the bank then to walmart, other then gas i wasnt in too much pain , now the gas was aweful but  i did everything they told me to do and today I woke up feeling so much better!  Everyone is different   after surgery but you hav eto think you have one up on other because you have been through one proedure  so you know sorta of what will happen, except now you are choossing tod o RNY obviously because its what you feelyou need so just breath and know you will be ok  and back on the loosers bench before you know it .You will be fine and  there is lots of support on here I added you as a friend  I will be praying for you !
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