I like my protein shake

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on 8/16/10 7:02 am
Really, this is not an advertisement. I just feel bad for everyone who's drinking yucky protein shakes.

I found a protein drink at Costco. It's called Premier Nutrition Protein. You buy a case of 18 for $23. They're like milk boxes so they're easy to take to work or the playground. They taste like chocolate milk--my 3 year old keeps wanting to drink mommy's chocolate milk! It has 30g of whey protein, 1g of sugar, and is 160 calories for 11 oz. You can buy vanilla on line from the manufacturer, too. 

Good luck everyone!
on 9/13/10 10:16 am - Pleasant Hill, CA
Hi -- I had one of those today with a shot of decaf espresso over a bunch of ice and I liked it too!!   An iced mocha!  :-)     Amy
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