new to all this waiting on insurance approval is this worth it?

on 8/25/10 9:19 pm - crown point, IN
ok so i just mailed my info packet out today and am waiting for my gastric bypass surgery to be approved. i am at 250 lbs and 24 years old. i have a 2 year old and its getting hard for me to play with her or have any energy at all. working out is unbearable! i also have pcos and we want another baby but i dont get my periods. i did get it last month when i started working as a nurses assistant- i think because i got so much exercise! anyways, are any of you near my age and can you tell me if you lost any weight right after surgery or how long it took you. do you have a lot of access skin and what does your scars look like? just want to make sure im doing the right thing. also how long did it take you to recover? how long were you in the hsopital and how long was the insurance/ medical/phycological process before you had a surgery date? thanks- misty
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