on 8/29/10 10:27 am
Hi 6 weeks in and for the last 10 days have only last 2 feeling like this is not working what did i do wrong please help
on 9/1/10 1:26 am
What kind of surgery did you have?
 I'm 6' tall and 41 years old
on 9/3/10 4:33 am
on 9/5/10 12:32 pm
I know I had tons of self doubt after the procedure!
on 9/6/10 3:10 am
Hi how did you deal with the ups and down of all of this i want to be happy but it is hard
on 9/10/10 11:09 pm
I am having the same experience. Lost 21 the first 2 weeks, 4 for each of 2 weeks after and then 1 in week 5 and 6. UGH, not feeling good lately with no movement on the scale. I spoke with the doc in a support group this week. She said it is ok and just keep doing what I am doing. It is hard.
on 9/12/10 8:07 am
hi keep your head up my doctor said i was doing good to went to my 8 week check-up i am going to keep walk and hope this works
on 9/12/10 4:25 am - Miami Beach, FL
YES .. I am at 6 weeks too and for the past 20 days I only lost 2 pounds ..  but Im fearing not - because I know its just the body resisting - the body is used to the LARD and doesnt want to let it go .. but when Im only consuming 500 - 800 calories per day - if even that - the LARD will lose this battle without a fight .. so dont give up .. dont be discouraged dont expect too much all at once it took us years to put all this LARD on and it may take US more time than the next BUT in all good time It will come off .. so just keep walking the treadmill and Stay away from SUGARS and FATS and less carbos and absolutely NO SYNTHETIC SUGARS SUBSTITUTES .. STevia product is the ONLY sugar you should be using STEVIA is a natural product please stay away for all other synthetic sugars .. Aspartame is marketed as NutraSweet and Equal and found in products from diet drinks to sugar-free ice cream.  Aspartame contains amino acids and methanol, an alcohol.  An Italian research team found lymphoma and leukemia among female rats in a long-term study of aspartame.

Acesulfame K, also sold as Sunnett, is not metabolized by the body and so contains zero calories. It's in baked goods, diet soft drinks and sugar-free gum. Large doses of a breakdown product from acesulfame K have been shown to affect the thyroid of rats, rabbits and dogs.

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