Who's started their pre-op diet?

on 6/25/11 1:24 am - Jackson, MI
Hi everyone.  I'm on day 3 of my pre-op diet.  I am soooo hungry...and trying not to be a total grouch when I have to prepare meals for my family.   Oh well, my hubby will be going through this in late November!    LOL

I'm having the DS done by Dr. Kemmeter on July 8th...and he requires a 2 week pre-op diet.

Anyone else start theirs yet?  If so, how are you doing?

Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.  
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on 6/25/11 3:50 pm - Stockton, CA
Hello.  I started the pre-op diet last Sunday and boy does my stomach growl. growl no.  ROARS. I get up in the middle of the night just to look at the bouillon soup and just sigh. so I drink some water and go back to bed.  My surgery date is July 1st and Dr. Antonio Coirin in Modesto, CA is doing the surgery. Monday I see the PA to get my lab paper and then on Tuesday go and have blood work done.  I'm having the RNY. DO you or are you suppose to have hunger headaches? cause I sure do. and then the TV doesn't help much because the commercials always shows food. So i crochet the time away and listen to my MP3 player. taking that with me to the hospital and my CPap machine too. can't leave home without it LOL.        

Gloria aka glorydayz55
on 6/26/11 5:47 am - Jackson, MI
Hi Gloria :)

OMG, YES my stomach is roaring in protest...and calling me all sorts of names I am sure!  LOL

I am prone to getting migraines but had to quit taking my medication to control them pre-op, so I am not sure if my headaches are related to hunger or not.  

I am still preparing meals for my family, but since I can not "taste test" it, they are paying the price!    Today I served them macaroni and cheese that had crunchy noodles still!    oopsie   Maybe they will learn not to be so dependant on me when it comes to making things like that!  LOL

Then my husband decided he was gonna watch some cooking show on TV.  Grrrr!!!!!!  Normally he is KING of the remote, but NOPE!  I just walked over, picked up the remote, and changed the channel.  When he got upset and asked why, I told him he was not getting any dinner tonight if we had to watch "food channels"!    I couldn't help myself!    LOL  

Oh well, they say all this will be worth it....so I can't wait!

Here's to a complication free surgery and a healthy recovery!  


Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.  
highest weight 313/ surgery 255 / current 185 / goal 135  Height 5'6"
on 6/27/11 7:16 am - Stockton, CA
Well today I saw the PA and got weighed. HMMM this pre-op diet. well, you're suppose to lose weight right? yeah, right. I gained 6 lbs.  Jerry the PA says "what happened"? i said ' ida noe' LOL so its back to bouillon and water. OH. had my lab work done today instead of tomorrow. about an hour later the hospital calls and says my blood work, they did a sugar count on it and it showed 47. WHAT? no wonder I was seeing double driving home. so I ate some protein and my blood sugar leveled out.  in a few mins going to have my protein shake (I call it my power drink 'cause I need all the power not to eat). stomach still Roars, but i'm learning to play dead, i mean deaf.
on 6/26/11 10:19 am
I only have to eat low calorie until two days before surgery then fluids only.
Jennifer H.
on 6/26/11 11:01 am
Yes I am on day 4 of my pre-op diet and boy is it hard!
On My Way!            
on 6/26/11 11:56 am - KY
 I am on day 4 and MISERABLE. My family says I am being so irritable, i told them to stop eating and see how they act. I am lucky because I am a teacher and have the summer off so I have been able to go to the pool and spend most of m days there to keep my mind off of food, but night times are the worse for me!!! Hang in there, and i will too!
on 6/26/11 9:05 pm
Mine start today Roxy! I also have two weeks of the diet to do. I still want my Chinese food though! LOL My husband said I couldn't have it, but I figured one day this week and depending on what I get couldn't hurt. Then I'll be done with it, and can go back on my diet!

This weekend I plan on taking the Citrate of Magnesium so everything I ate before and during this diet will be gone out my system.

I incorporate a protein shake everyday now into the diet and tomorrow have to go pick up some things I'll need before and after surgery....not looking forward to the chicken broth thing but I gotta do what I gotta do.
Hello I am looking for people who live in the Warren and Center Line area who are preparing for weight loss surgery or had the surgery. Possibly you are having it at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital on E. 10 Mile in Center Line or you had it there. I am preparing for surgery and even though I don't have my exact date as of yet I would like to keep in touch with others that are like me or was like me. Serious replies only please, maybe this summer we could form a walking group and just support each other through our journey of getting healthy.

Please contact me via email, if you are seriously interested in forming this group.


Marcia B.
on 6/27/11 12:59 pm - CA
Wow I don't think I would make it through 2 weeks of liquid diet.  My pre-op diet is 5 days before surgery - I am nervous that I will be so hungry I can't stand it.  Good to see people on here that have been there and done it gives me hope I can do it too.
Brianna L.
on 6/27/11 2:32 pm - Hooversville, PA
Bleh. I started mine today. I was told 8oz of skim milk with 1 scoop of the Bariatric Advantage meal replacement. Me, being a fat kid, decided to pick chocolate. ITS GROSS! I told my mom I would rather starve than drink it! Although I might not be saying that tomorrow ^_^  Is anyone else having a hard time drinking it? Its VERY thick for me and I have to gag it down :(
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