Things to bring to the hospital

on 7/3/11 1:50 pm - Spring Valley, NY

Hey All,

 I can't believe that I can actually say that my VSG surgery date is one week away!!  I was wondering what were some items people brought with them to the hospital for their surgery. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated! 



Good luck on your journey!
on 7/5/11 2:10 am - Jackson, MI
 I intend to bring:

1.)  a camera for those awful, yet fun before pics  
2.)  slippers, for when the staff makes me walk the halls post-op  

3.)  a robe, to cover my behind when walking the halls 

4.)  toiletries...deodorant, tooth-paste, hair brush, hair tie, etc...don't want to be stinky 

5.)  gas-X, my procedure will be laparoscopic so that will help with some gas pressure 

6.)  my laptop, so I can update everyone easier on how I'm doing post-op  

7.)  water bottles for the trip home (I live a few hours away and don't want to get dehydrated) 

I plan on wearing loose clothing to the hospital and will just wear those back home.  I intend to leave my wedding ring and other jewelry at home, just in case.  I've heard of people bringing blankets or pillows from home for themselves or loved ones that might stay over night.

Hope that helps 

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on 7/5/11 10:49 pm - Silver City, NM
I'm bringing all above, but also chapstick. That will be the one thing you will need.

I'm also going to wear the same clothes home, as i wear in. Oh also my trusty IPad, that my lifeline. Lol.
on 7/11/11 2:45 pm - Gardner, MA
I brought a bunch of stuff i did not use, the items i did use toothbrush and paste although it was supplied i prefer mine, deotorant chapstick earplugs iphone headphones for pandora radio notebook pen camera robe slippers clothes-baggy sweats tshirt front snap soft bra one size larger undies socks i think thats it
on 7/12/11 2:43 am
Thanks guys for reminding me of some of the stuff to pack! My surgery date is tomorrow and I didn't think about packing my robe or the Gas X...soon after I read what you guys took I went and got my robe and the Gas X and my lotion, caramex. Tomorrow before leaving I'll put in my toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant!
Hello I am looking for people who live in the Warren and Center Line area who are preparing for weight loss surgery or had the surgery. Possibly you are having it at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital on E. 10 Mile in Center Line or you had it there. I am preparing for surgery and even though I don't have my exact date as of yet I would like to keep in touch with others that are like me or was like me. Serious replies only please, maybe this summer we could form a walking group and just support each other through our journey of getting healthy.

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