What are your WLS worries or fears?

on 7/5/11 3:00 am - Jackson, MI
What are your weight loss surgery worries or fears?  I know I'm not alone with these feelings, especially as July 8th (my surgery date) gets closer.

We all must have them?  I keep telling myself everything will be okay...but these feelings still creep up on me.  I'm talking about the "What if I fail?"  "Am I making the right choice/decision?"  "What IF something bad happens like a complication?"  I'm sure there are other worries and/or fears...or maybe you have the same ones.

What are yours?

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Marcia B.
on 7/10/11 4:50 am - CA
I think I have a lot of the same fears as you do.  The biggest one right now is what if I go through all this and I don't lose weight?  Does that make me a loser etc...also will I ever be able to eat again? (I'm on my liquid diet now and it's so hard)... I am worried a little about possible complications and then the pain scares me cuz I hate pain.  But the 2 that really get me is will I ever be able to eat again... and not losing weight :(
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on 7/12/11 2:34 am
I've never had major surgery in my life! I think it's the pain as well for me too! Also, that I don't want to mess up as far as what I eat or drink....even though I read about the stages and know what I can and can not have I still don't want to do anything to cause dumping or something worse.
Hello I am looking for people who live in the Warren and Center Line area who are preparing for weight loss surgery or had the surgery. Possibly you are having it at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital on E. 10 Mile in Center Line or you had it there. I am preparing for surgery and even though I don't have my exact date as of yet I would like to keep in touch with others that are like me or was like me. Serious replies only please, maybe this summer we could form a walking group and just support each other through our journey of getting healthy.

Please contact me via email, if you are seriously interested in forming this group.


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