Surgery in 11.5 hours...

Marcia B.
on 7/12/11 5:57 pm - CA
Well today is the day.. yes I am a little scared and nervous and of course seond guessing myself... (example... I could lose this weight on my own).  My DH thinks this is the best thing for me and reminds me that I did a lot of research..and that I will be alright. I'm hoping I'm not the only person to second guess my decision.  Take care July Surgery group.. update when I can.
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Natonna M.
on 7/13/11 3:03 am
You going to do wonderful Sweetheart! I'm praying for safe and Speedy recovery. and continue to stand on God's word.
~Mz.Lovelytonna Well wishes & kisses  
on 7/13/11 11:10 am - Beverly Hills, CA
 Prayed and praying for your smooth surgery and recovery.  Please let me know how your hospital stay was, I will be having my surgery at Scripps in a couple weeks.  
Be Blessed            
Marcia B.
on 7/18/11 3:05 pm - CA
The hospital stay was really good.  Everyone is super helpful and nice. :) Good Luck
Philippians 4:13 -  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
on 7/14/11 6:42 am - Jackson, MI
By now you are probably already out of surgery.  I'm sure you did great!  Remember to walk and get your fluids in as much as you can the first few days post-op, as they say they help and the first few weeks are the worst with any procedure.

I'm only a week out myself and still working on getting enough fluids and walking each day.  I also second guessed myself.  What if I was choosing the wrong procedure for me?  What if something "bad" happened?  Couldn't I just diet and exercise again?  Honestly I've even second guessed myself since I've had surgery.  Was this really worth it (cause of the pain and I developed thrush)?  Can I do this(trying to get in enough protein)?  What was I thinking (why didn't i just diet)?  I think having those feelings and thoughts are normal...and if they're not know that at least your not alone 

Congrats on your surgery and wishes towards a healthy recovery!
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Marcia B.
on 7/16/11 1:40 am - CA
I am out of surgery and I thank you because I was starting to get depressed because of the second guessing myself and yes even after the surgery at least I know I'm not the only one... does it get easier i'm so scared to swallow to fast or even eat to fast (liquids) I'm worried it will hurt. I don't want any other pain.
Philippians 4:13 -  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
on 7/16/11 6:30 am - Jackson, MI
Congrats on making it out of surgery!  That is one of the tough milestones we all worry about.  I have to admit the first 5 days post-op were the worst for me, but everyone is different.  Make sure you walk as much as possible.  I know it sucks and I even yelled at the staff the first few times they made me get up.  The disadvantage to having worked in hospitals and healthcare we're not always the best patients LOL I know they were happy to see me go!  Anyways  

You need to try...and OMG I know it is hard, to get in enough fluids.  Just try to sip, sip, sip as often as you can while you are awake.  I literally take 3 sips in a row, wait a few minutes, then repeat.  The first few days home I could barely get in 64 ounces of fluid and that was combined with the fluid I mixed my protein in.  At 8 days I am managing a little better but it is easy to fall off track.  Just make sure you take something to drink with you any place you go...even if it is from room to room.  I've tried experimenting with different things to drink, because I am getting tired of the same things and I developed a thrush infection in my mouth that makes a lot of things tast awful.  

It does not hurt when you swallow unless you try to drink the way you did pre-op.  I've caught myself a few times doing that. It will make you uncomfortable in the sleeve area (I had the DS so our surgeries are similar in the stomach area).  It feels like a lot of pressure, like you have a big gas bubble and need to burp but it won't come out.  I don't drink again until that feeling goes away since I haven't wanted to see what could happen or make it worse.  I haven't done it the last couple days, so I think I learned from it.

Yes, the protein is important but you do not want to get dehydrated as your health can go down hill fast from dehydration and you could end up back in the hospital.  Remember you body has stores of protein and it will takes weeks, even months before something bad could happen from a lack of protein. Worry about the protein in a few weeks when you start feeling I am told.  Although you do need to try to get some protein in.  Protein does help your body heal.

Around day 5 I had the worst gas rumbling I have ever had in my life.  I was alarmed it was so bad.  I sat on the potty a while off and on and over the course of a few hours it was all gone. Thankfully!  

Don't worry, I promise it does get easier.  Every day has gotten a little easier than the last.  I have not had to take any pain medication in 2 or 3 days now.  Yes, I still hurt when I move certain ways, but that is temporary.  My stomach is still swollen (even lop-sided) and the bruises at my incision site are turning green and purple...I had a lot of adhesions from 4 previous surgeries non WLS related.  I understand it's hard not to get depressed, but hang in there they say it's worth it.  I've seen the success of a few of my real life friends.  I'm the only one of them to get the DS.  My friend that got the sleeve seemed to do the best imo, but they have all done fairly well.  If you ever need any support feel free to message me, we will get through this together!

on 7/20/11 9:50 pm
My answer is yes.  I second guessed myself, and third, and fourth, and so on. Took me a year to make up my mind.  I am thrilled that I had the nerve and went through with the RNY.    

Yay for coming home!  Today is my first post op visit.  

Feel good and remember this is the start of an amazing new journey!
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Marcia B.
on 7/20/11 10:17 pm - CA
Congrats on your surgery :) and thank you.
Philippians 4:13 -  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
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