2 things I'm glad I have post-op!

on 7/26/11 1:06 am - Jackson, MI
I'm almost 3 weeks out post-op.  I am finally off liquids and gradually re-introducing myself to soft/mushy foods.  There are 2 things that have made my post-op life easier and highly recommend them to other recent post-ops.  Imo, it probably don't matter what WLS you have had and you will still be able to find a way to use these.

The first item is a snow cone maker.  I picked up the Hamilton Beach Snowman Ice Shaver from Targets for $26 although there are other brands that vary in price.  I don't use any syrups with it, even though sugar-free syrups are available.  I just love the shaved ice and it helps me get my fluids in.  One tip, use small to medium ice cubes for best results.

The second item is an immersion/hand blender.  It can make great protein drinks/smoothies and it helps me break down meats and eggs to get them to that soft/mushy texture so I can tolerate them better.  There is no way I could get meat to that texture by hand!  I already had one but while I was out shopping I came across an improved model.  The item I purchased is by Oster.  This model came with a chopper and cup that have rubber bottoms so they don't slide around when you mix...and the rubber bottoms also work as lids!  Also the blending rod is detachable for easy cleaning...unlike my old model.  It has variable speed settings too!

I just wanted to share how much these items have helped me.  Maybe you might find them helpful too!


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Marcia B.
on 7/26/11 5:49 am - CA
Good idea for the snow cone maker... I am going to have to look into that one :) Thanks for the heads up
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on 7/26/11 7:08 am - Jackson, MI
 You're welcome Marcia!  I hope you will find it as useful as I have 
Tammie M.
on 7/31/11 6:04 am - Sevierville, TN
thanks for posting this, I m 5 day's post op and I'm having a hard time getting all my fluids in, so this is a wonderful suggestion!!! 
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