post surgery 1 week! and stuck need a shake with no artifical sugars HELP!

on 7/30/14 6:40 am - Sunnyvale , CA

Well fellow WLS people I have need of your help. before the surgery I knew I was allergic to  sugar substitutes and even though I was I am still trying now to drink the designer whey shakes. Today a light bulb has come on and my reactions are in full force it is not the dumping issue its the reaction to the shakes. I double the protein cause I thought I wasn't getting enough cramping and runs worse. So saying that I need a protein shake that has no artificial sugars anyone have suggestions. I am remaining weak because of this. please help! Thanks for any advice and help


on 8/3/14 5:05 am - Sunset, LA
VSG on 07/30/14

Unjury is a powder protein that is unflavored and can be added to water and food.  You might check into that. Not sure if it has sugar! Its unflavored so I would think not. Gnc carries it or you could order online.  Good luck on your journey!! Hope this helps.

on 8/14/14 5:33 am
RNY on 07/28/14

Do you know which substitutes you are allergic to? They are all different.

I use Syntrax Nectar isolate. It has splenda in it. You can get samples of it from their website to try.