I just realized i had 5 years of post-op life on August 29,2006.

on 9/2/06 11:56 am - Ford City, PA
I am 5 years out! wow it has gone fast. I had my computer in the shop for a week and just got it back and founds out i had my 5 year anniversary when I read my email. It is hard to believe it has been 5 years, I have maintained my weight within 10 pounds too. I have to keep tuning my tool though. I have to get the 10 pounds off or at least not let anymore back on. I feel so weak though. I had my yearly blood work lst month and it was good. I just feel as though i have the flu. I am also in a bad flare-up of my fibromyalgia and I have meraglia paresthetica of my thigh to boot. I am in pain. I may not post here very often but i read sometimes. Take care everyone and Happy aniversary to all my 2001 August pals. Hugs Bobbi
Tracy A.
on 9/4/06 11:16 am - Hammond, WI
Hi Bobbi!! Congrats on your surgiversary!! Mine was in August too. Boy the 5 years went by fast!! I gained about 13 lbs from my lowest wieight. I can't seem to break the 165 so that must be where my body wants to stay. I keep working the tool though and trying to stay fit by adding more cardio work outs and weight training. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well... I hope you get better soon. Tracy A.
on 9/5/06 1:11 pm - Ford City, PA
Tracy, Thank you for the get well wishes. I am dealing with a lot but I know this too shall pass someday. I am only 5'2" and 147 right now so at my height i should be around 115-120 but i consider at least 15 pounds of extra skin so that woul make my wieght 135 at best so i am about 17 pounds more than I should be. I am where i want to be though. I did lose a few pounds this last week or so by being sick but I go up and down about 5-10 pounds at certain times. So I am happy here now if i could just get the rest of me where i want me. LOL Happy anniversary to you too. You sound like you are doing great too. Bobbi Z
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