Interest in support group for Naples, FL?

on 5/11/11 11:03 pm - Naples, FL
Hello all,

I live in Naples FL. and am almost 10 years post-op.  I lost 157lbs with my wls and founded a support group in Connecticut with 4 chapters and over 150 members, for almost 5 years.  My family and I moved to Florida, in 2006 and I have been out of the loop since then.

I have recently decided, that I am being called back to this journey in my life and am wondering how great the need for a support group is, here in Naples.  If you are pre-op or post-op, and are interested in a support group please contact me.  I'll be happy to get a group started and see where this journey can take us!

You can reach me at my email addy [email protected].  Look forward to hearing from you! :)

Love and blessings,
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