Almost 4 yrs. out and feeling out of control

Gail L.
on 7/31/07 11:47 pm - Cleveland, OH
RNY on 08/26/03 with
Haven't been here in a long time and I'm looking for support from folks who've gone through this - lost their way and returned. I have gained back 25 lbs. and feel totally FAT again. Can't seem to control myself any more. I seem to be able to eat anything, sugar doesn't bother me, even quantity isn't a big problem. I know what I'm doing wrong: grazing, too many carbs, not enough exercise but seem to be back in old mind-set that got me were I was before. Just reading posts here from you folks has helped some (at least as long as I'm here at the computer reading - can't guarantee it will work when I get out in the kitchen!) I just can't believe I went through all of this 4 yrs. ago and now I still can't control my eating!! What's wrong with me?
(deactivated member)
on 8/7/07 2:51 pm - Genoa City, WI
You're not alone. I came back to OH feeling the same way. Why am I not at goal yet? Hopefully in returning, and like you said coming to these boards, we can make the much needed changes.
on 8/9/07 12:30 am - Houston, TX
Hi there, I'm 4 years postop and have also regained. I initially weighed 305 - lost down to 195, then on year 2 gained up to 209. Panic set in. I joined a "Quick Weight Loss" diet plan and lost 30 lbs on a VERY rigid diet (carrots were forbidden b/c they have sugar!). Needless to say as soon as the diet ended, the 30 lbs came back, along with more. Now I weigh 215. Here's what I'm trying to do...I'm working with an eating disorder therapist using the "Intuitive Eating" approach. That's a book I highly recommend to all of us with eating issues. I'm also trying to be grateful that I weigh 215 and no longer have hypertension, gastric reflux, joint pain or sleep apnea. The truth is if I'd not had surgery 4 years ago I'd probably weigh 350 by now at the rate I was continuing to gain weight! I'm also trying to forgive myself for being human. Many many years ago, I learned to use eating as a means of survival and coping. Not a healthy means, but it has gotten me to this point in life. Now I must be kind to myself as I learn new ways to live. Congratulations on the postop weight you have acheived and continue to be as kind to yourself as you possibly can. Jane
on 2/4/08 9:44 pm - NJ
If you haven't dealt with the issues that caused you to overeat in the first place these things are going to happen. I was doing great but recently gained about 6 pounds (yeah, I know it's only 6 pounds but you all know that 6 becomes 10 becomes 20 becomes 50...) and I can trace it back to something happening that brought back all those feelings of insecuity and fear that caused my problems in the first place. Thought I had dealt with them with therapy but there they were. It has happened before and I did get through it and I'll get through this. Give yourself a break, many people just transfer their addictions to drugs sex or alcohol. The good news is that you can get back on track. I did it by going cold turkey back to protein powder and ate the way I did right after surgery. (I'm not recommending this, it just worked for me) )My stomach shrank back down and it reminded me of what I had gone through and how far I had come. I'm going to do that again, and I'm going to take a harder look at what it is that causes me to stumble. I don't think I'll ever really be okay until deal with all that. Good luck and keep your head up, you can do this!
on 6/28/08 1:33 pm - Newport, TN
RNY on 08/25/03 with
Gail I am almost 5 yrs out and going thru the same thing. I have developed several medical conditions since having RNY. I would do it again tomorrow. BUT, I have gained 32 pounds and lost 8 in the past few days. I am drinking the new OOlong tea that was on Oprah and it seems to be working. I also can eat anything and as much as I want. This is not right!!! When you find out what is wrong, Please let me know!!
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