Fruits & Veggies

on 5/12/08 3:41 pm - Placerville, CA
I'm almost 5 years out and have gained about 20 lbs. back in the last year. I want to eat better to get it back off but I found that fresh fruit & veggies make me sick. I can eat a bite and as soon as it hits my stomach, I'm heaved over. I have to be very careful at restuarants because if there is ANY fresh fruit or veggies in whatever I order, I get terribly sick. I've also never been able to stomach protein drinks or bars. I can eat 1/3 at a time so it takes me all day to finish one bar. I admit I've gotten lazy and need to get back on track. (I got married a year ago & been under some stress from blending families and dealing with his ex) On a side note, I can eat candy, cookies, cake and other junk without getting sick. But some sweets do make me dizzy. Has anyone else had any issues with fruits & veggies making them sick? I have also become lactose intolerant. I can eat canned fruit & canned veggies but I used to love tomatoes and all fruit. I also can't eat eggs unless they are hard boiled.
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