5 Years ago today

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on 8/5/08 7:48 am - San Jose, CA
.. I got my innards rearranged into a much better configuration. Best thing I could have done for myself, ever. Five years later, down over 110 lbs, never had any regain, and I'm down about 25 lbs since November 2006 without doing anything appreciably different. I DID start exercising a few months ago, but that has not had any noticeable effect on my weight -- though I have gone down a size in my clothes. My labs are damned near perfect after 5 years. A few tweaks this year -- I will probably add some iron, and a third 500 mg dose of calcium citrate -- nothing was out of normal, but I watch not only my absolute values, but also the trends. I take very little in the way of supplements, as I am able to eat pretty much anything, although there are some things I chose not to eat, especially white flour products and large amounts of fluid milk. I eat about 3000 calories/day, high protein and high fat. This is far more than I ever ate pre-op -- the DS is a delight to live with. I continue to pay it forward to help people learn about the DS, in recognition of and thanks to the people who led me to the DS when I had just about despaired of being able to have WLS, as I knew I could not deal with the RNY or Lapband "lifestyle." I co-lead a DS support group in San Jose, speak about the DS at various venues from time to time, work with the CA Dept. of Managed Health Care to try to make the DS and reconstructive surgery more accessible to Californians, and am the lead plaintiff in a class action suit against Health Net to force them to follow the California statute mandating coverage of reconstructive surgery as well. I spend a few hours a day spreading information about the DS on OH, where many people first start learning about WLS, and I personally meet with pre-ops and help people write their insurance appeals. Some people may not like how I do what I do, but I have no doubts I am benefitting many other people. And life is good.
on 1/25/09 6:11 am - Somewhere, CA
Congrats Diana on your success
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