Weight Gain Off track

on 9/28/11 6:20 am - TN
Well The last year I have had some health issues and the last 7 months haven't been fun...  Gained lots of weight back at this point. I have some hormone issues going on now, I can't seem to find the right eating plan for myself. I have started back on protein shakes and lower the carbs.. It just seems no matter how I go about it I fail.  I wish I could wake up and be a couple of weeks out of surgery again...  

Just needed to vent I guess I am kinda lost...

Thanks Donna

on 10/27/11 12:05 pm
Hi Donna,

I also had my surgery August 2003 and recently gained some weight. I found a group on the message Boards titled "Back on Track Together" (BOTT). They have been wonderful and I have learned much as I find my way back to getting on track. Check them out!

You are not alone and its not too late to get back on track.

Have a good evening,
on 6/24/12 8:41 am - BELLEVILLE, NJ
 on the same page i had it eight years ago and starting to gain the weght back not to much but its so hard to maintain an also to get under 180 

on 8/17/13 6:39 pm - Wrightwood, CA

What was your starting weight Melissa? What is your goal weight?



Did any of you have any complications?



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