no support here anymore

on 1/17/05 11:42 am - wonder lake, IL
you know when i first started coming here a year ago the support was wonderful the chat rooms and message boards helped me alot. i still get alot of helpful info here from reading other posts and replies but it seems when i post something i get few or zero replies . dont know what i did to people out here or if im just not in the CLICK. who knows was just wondering. i know the boards move very fast and people cant reply to all of the posts its impossible but it just seems to be a great decrease in the help that was given to me here before and yes i do put in a subject to flag it so people can read. so flame me if you must but i felt the need to post my feelings.
jersey girl
on 1/17/05 10:59 pm - MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
RNY on 08/11/03 with
I'm here! The board is very quiet these days as we get further out from our WLS dates, and mostly full of lurkers. I never post if I have nothing to add to a topic, and I often do not receive responses to my posts on any of the message boards either. Don't feel bad. Still more activity on the main board, less on the plastics, but you might try there. BTW, I am scheduled for a LBL in Feb. Feel free to email anytime. JG 284/154/149?
Metal Girl
on 1/18/05 5:19 pm - Rockford, IL
Hey Debbie Why don't ya join us over here Little more lively... I was wondering about you.......haven't seen you around. Oh...congrats on the TT..... Tracy -162lbs TT- B/L 3.28.05
Isha F.
on 4/18/05 8:06 am
Dear Debbie, I am pretty new here, but I would be happy to help in anyway I can. I am a newbie post op, so I am not sure where you are in your journey, but feel free to drop me a line anytime. Best wishes to you and yours, Isha Open DS 3/7/05 366/327/220-170 sw cw gw
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