Good news for a change..

on 1/28/05 9:26 pm - Lincoln, RI
I've noticed everytime I post it's b/c I need someone to help me or am venting. Well today I want to share a GOOD story. I went to see my surgeon Dr. Pohl for my post year check up. He hadn't seen me since performing the surgery as I was having follow ups with his PA. He walked into the room smiling (mind you he is a very dry personality) and said "you know, I had no idea who you were in the waiting room. You look so great." He had to ask the PA who I was! It felt really good. Just wanted to share. Asked him too about me wanting to possibly have a baby this year and he said I should be fine and that he would just see me every few months for monitoring and that I would have to double up on chewable vitamins. Gave me 3 referrals for plastics. Waiting on the TT b/c of wanting the baby but want to do the thigh lift and my calves.
on 1/30/05 12:20 pm - wonder lake, IL
congrats on your weight loss isnt it exciting when someone sees you for the 1st time in a long time. i am a;mpst 18 months post op and jst had my abdominalplasy on 1/10/05
on 4/10/05 3:43 pm - Somewhere, CA
Good luck with your plastic consults.
Jeralynn B.
on 5/2/05 6:57 am - Westminster, CA
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