LBL scheduled for dawn!

jersey girl
on 2/9/05 2:28 am - MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
RNY on 08/11/03 with
Well, I'll be up and out the door when all are sleeping tomorrow. My LBL with Dr. Joseph Capella is EARLY! After forcing myself to sleep tonight, I will have to force myself to wake up at 3:15 so I can get to hospital at 5:30 AM. So looking forward to it, and NOT! Thanks to everyone for their emails and support. Kim and Nannette especially have been more than wonderful. JG 284/150/149 LBL 2/10/05!
Di N.
on 3/11/05 10:14 pm - Richmond, va
Hey Jersey Girl Let us know how you are doing DI~
jersey girl
on 3/12/05 2:36 am - MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
RNY on 08/11/03 with
Hi Di, Thanks for asking, I am doing great! LBL went much better than I thought it would. I was not in pain like I was with RNY, but very uncomfortable. As long as I took the pain pills it was managed, and as much as I was concerned abt the incision, that did not hurt. But its still not a walk in the park. Its the abdominal muscles that were sore, so I think a TT would have been the same postop for me. The lipo and the "stretching" must help as there was a lot of numbness in the area. However, the worst part is the annoyance of the JP drains! I had 6, with 2 removed each week. I stopped all pain meds after 2 weeks, but still need to take Ambien to help me fall asleep. Now I am 4 wks post op, and start the day almost upright, but by late afternoon I am tilting forward. I am firm and tight, and although still swollen, I have lost 16 lbs! I weigh 134, and do not want to lose any more. My appetite has only recently returned, so I may gain some wt back but thats OK. Although recovery did drag on, and I am tired of leaning forward, I hope I have reached the point where I will soon recover fully. I'm now where I feel it was all worth it! JG 284/134 LBL 2/10/05
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