Lose more wt. to get PS??!!

on 2/18/05 6:25 am - Lincoln, RI
Hi everyone. I went to see Dr. Antinouk, a PS here in RI for a possible LBL or just a thigh lift. Well, I left there very upset because she said that she wants me to lose 20 more lbs before she can do my surgery well. Even though I lost 122 lbs (i'm 5"3 and 144) I still have a lot of fat tissue in my thighs and calves that she wants me to lose. She said that the skin isn't saggy enough! I am so down about this. I know that I can lose 20 pounds, but that will take a while and it hurts to hear that I still have a lot of fat in my legs. I told her I was almost nervous to lose more weight because I am so small on top that I'm scared I'll lose more weight there and not in my thighs. She said I will lose it there because it's the last place I have a lot of fat. She said that she wants the skin to be just hanging off of my legs so that she'll get a nice tight and smooth result. I trust her and understand, but this has been a big blow to my ego.This sucks.
jersey girl
on 2/20/05 8:51 am - MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
RNY on 08/11/03 with
Hi Cindy, You might want to do yourself a favor and meet with Dr Capella in NJ for a consult. He told me that patients should be within normal BMI range either on surgey day or postop LBL. He can tell you how much he can remove and if you are ready. He did a LBL on me 9 days ago, and I lost 11 lbs already. He did lipo waist to knees, and I am smooth and firm. I think he is the best, and actually met a patient from Providence. He is in North Jersey, so you have to travel through CT. I'm in Jersey and travel 90+ min, and its worth every one of them. He will be honest if you need thigh lift or not, and its poss your PS is avoiding having to go TL. Does she even do them? JG 284/139 LBL 2/10/05
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