gastric bypass terrrible 2s

on 5/9/05 3:07 pm - wonder lake, IL
well i am approaching my 2 year mark , never thought at this time in my life i would go into the terrible 2 stage again lol. i am at a stand still with 15 pounds to go and they are not coming off no matter what i do , dont get me wrong i am very glad at my progress but an getting a little discouraged that i cant reach my goal. i am still fixed on those scale numbers. i dont weigh in no where near as much as i did but i still need to see that goal weight on that scale. i will tell you one thing when i 1st started this surgery i thought this was the hardest thing i ever did but you know what this part i am in now is the hardest part of the surgery.
on 5/15/05 6:08 am - Lincoln, RI
I feel for you. I am technically still about 10-15 lbs overweight. people want to slap me when I complain, but I can't help it. I too sometimes feel like a failure because I haven't hit my goal yet. It's easy to lose sight of the work that we've done.
on 5/20/05 7:47 pm - New York, NY
Man do I know what u mean. I've been very grumpy about the last 20lbs which are holding on for dear life. Don't think I can eat any less and work out most days. Even blew-out my knee and couldn't walk or run for 3 months. (Now I bike). I guess I shouldn't be impatient but wow! I'd like to move on to maintenance. Brynne
Geraldine B.
on 7/6/05 4:38 am - Columbus, GA
I am in the same predictament. I have been depressed tho because my thigh lift, tummy tuck and breast lift was denied by my insurance. Has anyone had problems and what can I do about it. It has me down in a slump, I am about 15 pounds from goal and depressed. help!
on 7/6/05 8:39 am - New York, NY
Sorry about the insurance issue. I just had a breast lift and lower body lift. I had to pay. Financed it. Capitol One an online site. Hope that helps. Still have the same 20 lbs to lose. Gotta keep trying.
on 7/17/05 5:41 pm - wonder lake, IL
from what i understand from most the tummy tuck is the only one insurance will even consider, i had mine done on 1/2005 have you dr. document rashes , infections , and pain from hanging skin, a hernia couldnt hurt either lol lol good luck with your insurance battle dont give up keep appealing their decision they will give in eventually
jersey girl
on 7/8/05 5:26 am - MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
RNY on 08/11/03 with
How are you doing? The end stages of weight loss following WLS are the most frustrating. To get so close to goal, and yet seem so far. To be honest, I only reached goal weight with the help of a LBL and some carefull dieting. I literally watched everything I put in my mouth for a few months both before and after the PS. Water, protein, and exercise were still the 3 keys for me losing weight no matter how far post WLS, but it was the PS that gave me the motivation. With insurance denial for PS, it was a hard swallow to ante up the funds but so worth it. I think anyone who can swing the financing will not be sorry. Whether or not you are have a TT or LBL, or ever get to goal, keep in mind how successful you have been. To be just 10, 15, or 20 lbs from goal! Remember all those years you would have killed to be thinner? Don't be discouraged; you are only in the same situation as most women who complain they have to lose weight. So congrats as we reach our anniversary date for being "normal". JG 284/132 LBL 2/10/05 BA/arms 4/20/05
on 7/17/05 5:45 pm - wonder lake, IL
i am still very frustrated this is the hardest part of the entire surgery, im hungry all the time and have regained 9 pounds and im scared to death. i think alot of that is stress we have had a severe illness in my family and i spent a month at the hospital with my husband. i cant work out at the health club as much as i used to and that hurts me also i just cant get motivated, sometimes i just feel so depressed i feel like ok im just meant to be fat and i might as well give up then i think nooooooooooooo i have come way to far for that .
Steph Elaine
on 8/22/05 10:12 pm - Danville, KY
I went to an conference this weekend. One of the speakers topics was how to jump start your weight loss after being on a long plateau. He mentioned taking either the herbal supplement DHEA 50mg a day or L-Carnitine, 500mg per day as a metabolism booster. Make sure neither one of them react with any other meds you're on before trying them. They are fine with my ADHD meds, Depression meds and other vitamins.
on 8/23/05 7:44 am - wonder lake, IL
i will be looking into both of those supplements thanks for the advice i will let you know how it works. are you going to try them?
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