post op tummy tuck questions.......

Cynthia B.
on 9/13/05 10:40 pm - Corning, NY
Hello all, I had my bypass in Aug of 2003 and have maintained the same weight for over a year now. I believe I am done losing which is fine with me am pleased with where I am at but I have a question. I havent had to have any plastic surgery with excess skin yet my arms and legs are good but the big problem I have (an always have had) is with my belly. I cannot get that stomach of mine toned up to save my life. I dont know if the fact that ive had 3 c-sections and then the bypass contribute to this or not but nothing seems to help and it looks terrible. Has anyone had this done? And if you have can you please let me know what it involves ? Is it painful ? Do you have to stay over in the hospital? And are insurances hard to get an approval from for this procedure? Any information you can share with me about this would be so greatly appreciated. If you would like you can e-mail me personally my e-mail addy is [email protected] and if you have a surgeon in Upstate NY that you can recomend I could use that info as well. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and best of luck to everyone.
on 9/27/05 7:24 am - Greenwood, IN
I also had open bypass August 2003. I then had a bowl obstruction Jan. 2005 so that added about 6 inches to my already 5-6 inch scar. I had a tummy tuck done August 25, 2005. It wasn't hard for me to get insurance approval. Went to PS, he submitted letter, and I would say within about 1 month I was approved no questions asked. I carried all of my weight in my stomach area prior to bypass ... so as you can imagine I had a ton of extra skin ... when I had my tummy tuck the dr. removed 20 pounds of skin and fat ... Yuck! It is about the same pain as bypass ... except I would say more swelling ... but I am sure that varies for everyone. I would do it all over again ... so that must tell you it's not horribly painful. The pain goes away within time! Good luck .. and questions let me know.
on 10/7/05 8:56 pm - wonder lake, IL
my bypass was august2003 i had my tummy tuck january 05 and a mass removed on 7/05 i am very glas i had the tummy tuck it made a world of difference if you go in for something else like a hernia your insurance will usualy pay for it i cant get my thighs or arms toned up at all any ideas they are really bad. i am nooooooooooooooooooo way going through the full body lift. i am also stuck at this weight i am about 15 pounds from goal and gain 5 lose 5 its very aggervating
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