Whats up with everyone?

on 12/1/08 7:27 pm - Midland, MI

Hey people,

Usually Brenda is the "kick butt" accountable person here, but I am going to try her shoes on for a bit, 'scuse me Brenda, hope you don't mind?
Whats up? Is everyone gaining, or busy? Hope it is the latter, and not the gaining one. If so, that's what we're here for right? I know I need to have SOMEONE care if I slide down that slope again.
Could everyone try really hard to post..... I know it's a pain in the patoot, but don't you all think it's important anymore?
I have gained and lost the same 5 pounds for the last year. Still at 160 to 165. I refuse to go over that mark though since I am technically still "overweight" at 5'7". Yeah, I get jealous of those who are at goal, but I am so happy for them too. It's such a wonderful thing to have been so huge, then maybe 15 to 20 lbs away from being normal...... so why the heck don't I just loose that weight?? I don't know. Maybe I am enjoying life, and food again after the deprivation. I do know that I read blogs to help me stay on track, like http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/
and mypyramid.gov   menu planners. I also try like heck if I have a real "food" day to eat relatively light the next day. What are you all doing???
Stay healthy!

Kathleen L.
on 12/1/08 10:39 pm - Lawton, OK
I am still here!  Been super busy, but doing better.  Hubby comes in two months, so things are lookin up for me.  Trying to do all the holiday shopping now.  Hard for six kids lol.  My weight is stable at 122-125.  Go see the Dr. Sat. so that is a good thing.  I have noticed if I cut out carbs I can get off a pound or two pretty easy.  Always back to basics I guess.  Much love to all, and Happy Holidays
on 12/1/08 11:59 pm - Hamilton, Canada
Hi Tara and everyone,  I'm still here too.  Always glad to hear from everyone.  I guess I just haven't been checking in much lately.  I am still holding fairly steady at 145.  My goal was 150 so I am very happy with that.  I have been starting to do more exercise and walking since my knee surgery so that must be what is keeping all the cookie calories at bay.  I have decided I can't bake any more until just before Christmas because I end up eating it all.  I have developed quite a sweet tooth since gastric bypass.   I don't really dump but I do feel ill after too many sweets but unfortunately that hasn't really deterred me....until it's too late. 

Keep well everyone.  Hope to hear from you soon.

on 12/4/08 1:29 pm - Powell, WY
Hi Tara, Kathleen, and Fran--and everyone else that takes a minute to read this!  I thank you, Tara for the compliment on being the "kick butt" accountable person on here.  And, no, lol I don't mind a bit sharin' my shoes (just PLEASE excuse the powdery residue in the bottom...I powder my shoes more than I powder my nose! hehehe)

I do often wonder if we are reaching the point of comfort in our journey that it's much easier to ignore being accountable.  Someone recently said to me "we tend to ignore what makes us uncomfortable" and dang if that's not true!  Not just in our post-op life but in other areas of life as well.  I do know that being accountable is probably the single most difficult part of this journey.  Eating? nahhh we all gotta eat.  Eating wrong?  yep...a bit harder to acknowledge the consumption of those things we should stay away from.  Head hunger vs. actual hunger?  Uhhhhh....what's physical hunger?  I haven't felt that sensation since before surgery.  But OHHHH MY GOSH the head hunger!  Sometimes it's all I can do to not rip open a bag of carbs and down it in a minute or less.  But, when I get that sensation I know I'm on the brink of disaster and I look at my "before" picture and grab a protein drink.  Most times anyway.  There are those times that I just HAVE to have a taste of something naughty.  Darn it that they didn't operate on our brain when they operated on our belly! 

Christmas is around the corner and we ALL know what that means!  Sugar, fats, carbs, junk, junk, and more junk!  I think it's always a struggle to get through the holidays without the desire to partake of the usual holiday treats.  One definition I've recently renewed my knowledge of is MODERATION.  Who says we can't enjoy a treat now and then?  It just doesn't have to be often and it certainly doesn't have to become a habit again.  All sounds good doesn't it?  Ok, all that logic is what my head says, but what my mouth says is EAT IT DANG IT!  That's when I pick up the phone and call one of the people in my support group or take a quick walk or grab a bottle of water.  I also read back on the posts we all made when we were early into this journey.  It's amazing how a year changes how we look at things huh?

I know I haven't posted as often as I used to and it's not ALL because I'm busy with school, work, family and daily life.  It's because I oftentimes just do NOT feel like typing or sitting at a computer after I've been in front of one most of the day.  Baaaaaad excuse, but true.  I think of each of you every single day and you're always in my prayers.  That will NEVER stop.

Here's to those of us who have remained fairly regular posters!  We are the ones who WILL be successful at keeping the weight off! 

One other thing I have done recently is I've visited the December surgery board and have offered words of encouragement to those just beginning their journies.  God bless 'em!  They're in for quite a ride huh?  They're also in for the best life possible!

Ok, I've rambled long enough and it's late, I'm pooped and need to get to bed.  I will see you all VERY soon!

I love you all! ((((((((Tara, Kathleen, Fran)))))))))

God bless you!

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