25 months out RNY...anyone else like me?

Lori M.
on 1/20/10 9:57 am - O Fallon, MO
i am at 25 months out RNY. Over the past 6 months i have gained 13 pounds and i really feel horrible. My goal is to stay between 80-85 pounds lost.  I am 5'2 and 44 years old.  My goal weight is to stay around 135 (which is not skinny for my height at all...135 is borderline normal/overweight BMI).  After this gain...I am sitting around 73 total pounds lost.  This extra weight weighs on my mind ALL the time.  I really dont eat bad stuff, i just eat too much healthy stuff which equals to many calories in a day.  I have head hunger.  I graze healthy foods and need to eat less slider foods.  I know my full feelings, but sometimes I wait a few minutes till they go away and then take a few more bites of my favorite food (I know that's bad).  I do love carbs.  I probably eat too many sugars from fruit...but i dont eat bread or pasta.  I do sneak in a tiny bite of chocolate now and then.   I do eat my souped up (extra protein) oatmeal or cereal every day...its my favorite breakfast (quick and easy).   I haven't worked out much since the holiday's either...im sure that is not helping.  I only get the chance to work out in the late evenings and by then, it is too easy to talk myself out of going.  I do walk alot in the warmer weather...i just need to hold on until then.  I KNOW what i must do...eat less and work out more...and drink more water.  i know about how many calories i need to maintain the weight I am looking for (about 1400 a day), but I figure I am gettting in about 1700-1800 plus a day.  i have gotten back into journaling online my intake.  Like I said, i know what i need to do...I am just in such a slump.  I am hoping that maybe sharing my experience, I will get myself back into gear.  To me, loosing 13 pounds right now feels like having to loose 100 pounds.  It seems like a mountain to me.  Don't get me wrong, I am greatful to have lost the weight...it is just harder to keep it off than I thought.  I am aware of trying to break those bad habbits from before...mostly grazing for me.  Are there others out there like me?
Kathleen L.
on 1/21/10 10:11 am - Lawton, OK

Hi Lori!  You are not alone my friend.  I stayed in the 140's for about two years.  Then, this July I had my stoma stretched.  Since then, I have gained 15 pounds.  The Dr. told me to not go above 145...at 158-160 now.  I do not exercise and can eat ALOT more than I used to be able to.  I totally understand how you feel.  I think we need to go back to protein and water, seriously, for like five days.  I hear that gets the pouch back in shape.  It is still going to be a battle for us forever.  Hang in there, you are still successful.  I have two friends that had the surgery six and eight months prior to me, and have gained all their weight back.  We have to work our minds with our tool...hugs to you

Lori M.
on 1/21/10 9:08 pm - O Fallon, MO
Wow.  Thanks for the reply.  I know we have to get back to the REAL basics.  I feel that i dont eat bad now, just too much.  I did go and work out last night...that made me feel somewhat better.  What bothers me the most is my stomach blubber.  If I could just click my heals twice and make that go away...it would all be good for me.  Gaining 13 pounds up from my lowest isnt that terrible (i figure thats the bounce back everyone talks about).  i just need to keep it there.  when i was 13 pounds less, my stomach over hang (not the lower panni part) but the "mushroom top" portion didnt bother me as much as it does now.  I guess we are always hardest on our own selves.  hang in there too.  why did you have to get your stoma stretched?
on 2/22/10 6:38 am - Hamilton, Canada

I have the same problem.  My weight was stable for about six months once I got to my goal and now I have put on 15 lbs.  I'm really scared that I will put on all the weight I have taken off.   I know what I should be doing but I keep eating the wrong things and way too much.  I think about food all the time and I eat a lot of chocolate...even if it makes me feel ill.  I haven't been exercising either.  I know it will be easier to lose 15 lbs than 150 but I never start.  My stomach is the part I hate the most too.  I think all of the 15 lbs went there.   I haven't been on this site for months.  I hope I will get some motivation to get back to basics....Good luck to you both.  Fran

Lori M.
on 2/22/10 9:10 pm - O Fallon, MO
man, we sound like twins.  the most i lost (for a split second) was 90 pounds.  i told myself that my limit was was to stay between 135-145.  well, i have been 145-148 for many months now.  i too know what it takes to get lower...but i am hungry all the time.  doesn't this all sound familiar?  alot of post rny'ers say that.  i really dont eat bad stuff, just too much good stuff that equals above my daily calories limit.  i have a gym membership and i need to get going on that.  im just so tired when i finally come home from work...and mentally tired too.  i know, all dumb reasons...heard them all.  i am so looking forward to the nice weather in a few months.  i really got out and walked alot...and it was a stress reducer too.  i would walk for 1 hour and walk about 4 + miles.   i know what you mean about choc.  i have a little here and a little there.  my problem is my grazing calories add up at the end of the day.  if i could stick to my normal meal plan and drop a couple healthly snack i probably could do better.  i get myself together and stop snacking at night (healthy snacks) and i can drop a couple pounds, but i never get below my 145.  i am 5' 2"...i really should weight about 130-135.  just this 10-13 extra pounds seems to all sit in my belly too.  hang in there...i know we can do it.  just have to get our minds around it. 
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