To be or not to be nervous that's the question

on 8/29/09 2:15 pm - University Park , IL
I'm just wondering is it normal NOT to be nervous at all? Here I am 2 days before surgery (its Monday, August 31st) and I'm not nervous...I don't like hospitals but at the same time the usual feeling I get has not come upon me. I'm just so anxious for this whole thing to be OVER!!! I don't know how much more of this pre-op liquid diet I can take!

on 8/31/09 9:12 am - St. Joseph, MO
AHH today was the BIG day.. I wasn't too nervous, excited, anxious, to be done, frustrated that it took so long maybe but I wasn't nervouse because in my mind I was at total peace with my choice.  It sounds like you are too.  I do hope you are at home comfortable and recovering nicely. 

on 8/31/09 1:35 pm - WA
Hi.  I wasn't particularly nervous either.  My surgeon is wonderful and it was a top-notch hospital.  Like you, I was excited to get a move on, you know.

Good luck.  I hope it goes (went?) well.


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