10lbs in 4mos

on 7/14/10 10:57 pm - Round Rock, TX

I have one more month before my year anniversary and I've only lost 10lbs in the past 4 mos but 86lbs total! I still have about 50lbs to go and I'm getting nervous that I've just stopped losing. I'm not eating perfect and not exercising like I should be. I have mild hypothyroidism and my symptoms started getting worse so I recently got back on Synthroid. I also found out that I had a pretty severe vitamin B12 deficiency. I've been really good the past 2 weeks with eating and exercise and actually gained a pound or 2. Could the medical issues be the culprit? Can I still lose after a year has gone by? I'm starting to panic!



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on 7/28/10 12:28 pm - Wendell, NC

My  !st  year  anniversary  is  Aug, 25, 2010 I have  lost  a  total  of  127lbs. My  weight loss  varies from  month  to  month. Some  months  I  can  lose  14- 22 lbs  and  than  one month  I  lost 4lbs,My  doctor  reccommended me  to  get  my  protein  in and  to  increase my meals I  eat daily. The months  I  think that I  lost  the  smallest  amount  of  weight  in I  know  for a fact  it  was  b/c of  teh  protein  and  not  eating .
 In  reference to  the  b-12 , I  get the monthly  injection, this  works  well  for me.  I  know  for  a  fact that  you  can  still  lose  after a year , because  several  of  my  friends  have had  the  surgery  and  there  weight loss continued  after  the  first  year .  So  dont  get  discouraged, continue  to  eat  healthy and exercise and  eventually  if the health  issue  is  not  the  cause of your stall ,  you  will  begin  to  lose again .  I  wish  you  success  on  your  journey.  Be  blessed!

on 8/8/10 2:07 am - Canada
Today is my one year anniversary and I am only down 30 lbs but I only have 10 to go to reach my goal so I am happy with my progress. I only just go to the right restriction level with my band in the last afew months. 2-3lbs a month is normal for me.
on 8/29/10 7:20 am - Englewood, CO
Hello there, I also had my surgery last August 2009 so it has been one year. I've lost 90 lbs. However, I was hoping and praying I could say 100 lbs by now. But oh well. My weight loss is very slow but as long as it's going down instead of up I'm ok. If my weight was going up like you say yours is I would definately be talking about the side affects of your meds. I completely understand your worries about the weight loss stopping since it's been a year. It's in the back of my mind everytime I step on the scale, but today I did my measurements and the inches I've lost is what made my day. Check your inches lost, it will boost your spirits!

Take care, Tori


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