My Dr. Appointment

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on 11/5/10 12:40 am - Wendell, NC
Ok  so  Im  kind  of  upset  with  myself. I  went  to  the  Dr. yesterday  because  I  have nt  been in a   while  and  I  wanted to  make  sure that  things  were  going  fine with  my weight-loss. I  had  my  surgery 14 months ago  I  have  lost 135 lbs . The  nurse  practitioner said  she would have  liked for me to  have  lost at least 45  more lbs. than  I  had  lost!  I  am  frustrated I walk  2 miles  everyday and I  try  to eat  at  least  3  small  meals  a  day. She  told me  to  increase my meals and get my  protein  . She  said  that she  thinks that because I  dont  eat  properly that  is  slowing  down my  metabolism down , so  when  I  exercise  its  really not  helping, I  keep  having  stalls   after  stalls  and  I am worried I  want  reach  my  goal.
Miriam Richardson
on 11/27/10 9:39 am - Eldorado, IL
Try upping your water intake. That helped me. I drink 100 oz of water a day.
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