Terrified of gaining weight back

on 3/16/12 11:52 am - Round Rock, TX
I can't believe it's almost been 3 years! I had lost 107lbs total and was wanting to lose 30 more lbs and working really hard but the scale wasn't moving. Well I'm sure you have all experienced this at some time but I just got so discouraged and kind of gave up during the holidays. Since then I've gained 8lbs back. I'm also trying to concieve and constantly think I'm pregnant so I'm not as worried about what I'm eating. HELP! I need to get back on track, I'm just feeling so defeated and having all of these pre surgery feelings about food and myself coming back. I was really hoping I would never have the same relationship with food again but it seems to be creeping back into my life. Has anyone else experienced this? And what did you do to get back on track?
on 7/22/12 5:19 am - South St. Paul, MN

I so understand your plight. Yes, I'm 2 years post op and have gained 23 lbs. back from my lowest weight. I still wanted to lose 20 more pounds, now I have 43 to lose. My same habits are creeping back in, too. Very frightening, isn't it? We went through so much to get the surgery and during and after surgery, too. I had the Rou-en-Y. Did you? I keep walking to the fridge and opening the door and staring in. It takes tremendous effort to shut that door and walk away. I've been grabbing a big glass of water lately instead and that seems to be helping. I just started walking 2 miles a day and am hoping that exercise will also lower my appetite. If you are trying to conceive, I'm sure the stress isn't helping. Try to relax and not worry or obssess about conceiving. I went through that, as well, when I was younger. I remember how emotionally frustrating the roller-coaster of emotions were. Am I pregnant? Damn, I'm not. Am I? Damn I'm not. Such huge emotional struggles in getting pregnant. It can only help you to relax for both limiting weight gain and making you more fertile with less stress. Hang in there! Try walking to reduce the stress. I also find that reading helps. It's difficult to worry about something when you're reading. You're mind can only focus on the book.

Take care, sweety. You will be fine and who cares about the other 30 pounds you lost an amazing amount of weight!!!! I only lost 90.

Carla R.
on 9/3/12 11:48 pm - Millington, TN
Hey guys, I havent been on here in forever. My 3 year post op was august 25th 2012. I had gotten down to 117. Now I'm at 150.Severe nausea the last year and half doctors can't find anything wrong. They have told me some people are just nauseated the rest of their life. great way to exist , right. So I've basically been eating a lot of carbs because it's easy on my tummy. But now I am trying so hard to start adding nuts, seeds Beans and easy digestable fruits and veggies back into my diet trying my best to see if I can loose some of this stubborn weight gain. I feel like I just can not get a grip on this thing most days. I am also on an Insulin Pump now. Yep, that wasn't supposed to happen either. Diabetes was supposewd to magically disappear. I've just recently updated my blog and told my whole story. so I was just wondering what was going on with other people who were as far out as me and if I was the only one really depleated by this weight gain that I am having a terrible time trying to break. Seems like I could loose weight easier before my Bypass but now it just won't budge.
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