Is anyone eles having hypoglycemia issues?

on 10/16/12 4:45 pm - madison, WI
So for the last year and a half I have been having issues with my blood sugar. Somtimes its was high or low but it just wasnt right. So i kept telling my dr. and he wouldn't listen. Friday before last i had yet another appt. and wasn't feeling right as usual but it doesnt normally happen while I am sitting in the office but thank god it did this time. They checked my blood sugar and it was down to 22. I am so frustrated because at this point ANYTHING I eat causes problems either my blood sugar stays low are it shoots up fast and I am feeling like I am in a sauna and am going to pass out. on the opposite with it being low I freezing like i am outside in the middle of winter with no jacket and feel so tired that i cant even describe it. Next wensday i am going in for a 72 hr. testing so they can figure out if this is caused by the surgury or is my pancrease itself. When i went into the endocrinologist he mentioned like 4 times during the appointment the possiblity of a reversal. At this point i was i could just call and schedule it I am so over being sick 24/7 i have fibromyalgia, arthritis, CFS and along with a ton of other issues also sense i have lost weight my back problems are 10 times worse which is the opposite of what was supposed to happen.

Has anyones eles been having simmilar problems? If so what have you been able to eat?

Miriam Richardson
on 10/20/12 8:25 am - Eldorado, IL
I have had a few episodes, usually when I've over eaten especially carbs. I find that if I focus on protein I have less problems with it. I have also found that I can usually catch it before my blood sugar drops below 70. the shake**** somewhere around 75.
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