on 8/6/14 9:08 am - indianapolis , IN

I am 20 days out till surgery and I am seeing all these things about last minute required weight loss and my doctor hasn't said anything about it.. I just feel so out of loop with my doctor and surgery center.. At this time they have not said anything about a pre-op diet or anything.. Should I be worried  

Donna H.
on 8/6/14 4:45 pm - MI
VSG on 08/04/14

Pre-op diets vary from surgeon to surgeon. You should call your surgeon for instructions. You also need post-op instructions, so you know what to eat when you come home from the hospital. Does your surgery center have dieticians?

5'6" ConsultW: 312.4 (3/29/14) VSG w/ Dr. K Krause: 287.4 (8/4/14) 

Pre-op: -25 M1: -16.8 M2: -10.8 M3: -14.4 M4: -7.3



on 8/6/14 11:45 pm - indianapolis , IN

Yes they have nutritionist that I am seeing next week.  It just seems so odd to me that they haven't really told me anything that I need to do other than when I first went for the initial consult and seminar about the options.. Since then it has been worrying about insurance approvals and pre-op tests nothing else. They called said everything was good Surgery on the 26th and pre-op class the 12th nothing more  

(deactivated member)
on 8/7/14 10:46 pm
RNY on 08/12/14

That sounds about right... I met with the nutritionist about 2 weeks before my surgery. They are the ones that start you on your pre-op diet or let you know when to start it. I also saw my Dr. about a week after that. Right now I am 5 days out to my surgery. 

(deactivated member)
on 8/11/14 1:31 am
RNY on 08/26/14

Hi Carebear! (love the name!)

I am not sure about other places, but mine was the same way. I have struggled with all this over two years and only AFTER reaching the point where I stopped smoking, passed the required pre-tests and finally got insurance approval did I get to know the "inner" workings of the behind the scenes kinda stuff, as I like to call it. I couldn't understand why they waited so long to finally let me in on all the info one really needed pertaining to the surgery itself and what I would actually need to do/eat for life after to help me lose and maintain the weight once lost. They explained to me they wanted to make sure I really was going to go thru the program as some don't always work thru it cause it can be difficult at times, look at myself, like I said it has been over a two year journey for me.  But since then I have had all the knowledge I needed, well one can NEVER have enough knowledge, but I do feel I have a  better understanding.They also put me on a optifast diet, which is pretty much liquid with the needed protein and what not, about 1100-1200 cals a day for the next two weeks. Now from what I am seeing on this site every center is different on the required diet. Some even get to eat FOOD!!! Jealous! lol  


If you have not met with your nutritionist yet, write your questions down and take them with you. Don't be afraid to ask anyone what you want to know. You are paying these people, ask. Be comfortable with them. They will be happy to make you comfortable. 

Good luck and give me an update! 


(deactivated member)
on 8/11/14 1:32 am
RNY on 08/26/14

Ohhh we have to same sugery date!! And my pre-op class was 4 hours long btw... you will learn loads there! 

on 8/11/14 2:07 am - indianapolis , IN

@BBSCuppycake that is neat that we have the same surgery date. And they told me that my pre-op class was 4 hours long too.  Thank you everyone for your help

(deactivated member)
on 8/14/14 11:31 am
RNY on 08/26/14

How did your class go Carebear??

on 8/14/14 11:37 am - indianapolis , IN

My class went good.. Kinda weird I was the youngest person there and my mom went with so people thought I was her support... I was worried for nothing my pre-op diet consists of a special diet the day before surgery and that's it... Thanks for checking on me 

Lisa M.
on 8/17/14 11:10 am

Hi Carebear, Depending on your doctor, you will have full liquids 2 weeks prior to surgery, then nothing after 9pm, the night of the surgery, or 1 week of full liquids, then nothing the night of your surgery. You should check with your doctor about taking prescribed meds though. This is all to make sure that your liver is functioning properly. Aside frm that, I had my sleeve on August 4th and did not stick with full liquids the whole time. It was very hard. The Friday night before my monday surgery I had gone out to eat with my daughter and my doctor said my liver looked fantastic. There is no last minute weight loss protocol, except is your dr. tells you that (I am not speaking from a DR.'s point of view, just my own) - the reason for the liquid diet is to make sure your liver is the best it can be.




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