i had surgery April 25, 2005

pamela S.
on 5/12/05 5:56 am - marshalltown, Ia
After 10 days I had only lost 5 pounds I was so upset. I am 5' tall & weighed 216 the day I had surgery. My usual weight before I gained so much & so fast was 102 pounds. I am 50 and was small until about age 44 then wow on came the pounds. I cannot find any food I like... Help pam
Henrietta C.
on 7/21/05 4:20 am - Elizabethtown, NC
Hi Pamela. DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!! After all that you have been through and you want to throw it all away like a rag doll. Times will get better wait and see just think of the before and afters. It will all be worth it. Don't you know that is as good as the devil want's he is mad at you because you fought back and gave him back all his tools, fastfoods, greasyfoods, starches, sweets etc. you stood against him and took control of your life back that's a big reward in itself. HOORAY!!!!!!! PAMELA GAVE THE DEVIL A BLACKEYE. JUST HANG IN THERE. LOVE HENREITTA
pamela S.
on 7/28/05 9:09 pm - marshalltown, Ia
Hello again, Since my surgery April 25 ,2005 I went from 216 to 180 so far. I hope to loose down to 140 eventually. It is july 29,2005 today. I am 5 feet tall my surgeon says I am right on track. I feel great, am able to do most anything I want. I do need advice on a support group. I had surgery in Pinehurst, North carolina, we moved to Marshalltown, Iowa June 19th. Anyone know of a support group in the Marshalltown, Iowa area? We love it here!!!! Anyone have reciepes to share??? Have a great day, pamela
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