Hi everyone :-)

on 6/13/06 11:07 am - Saugus, CA
Sounds like many of us are facing stalls or some bounce back in our weight. I am right there with you guys. It is scary, because none of us want to go back from where we came... I think we all come back here because we know we will find like minded people struggling with the same things. It is hard to say no to food and to keep exercising, but we have to do it. And I know we can do it. I dont have anything profound to say right now, but I just wanted to say hello and thank you to all you guys who post so honestly, and all of you *****spond to the posts with help and support. I'm sure I'm not the only one who pops on and reads your words for a shot in the arm when I need to remember what to do. If anyone wants to stay in closer touch for more accountability, I'd love that. Shoot me out an email Good luck to all, and I'm so excited about all the babies Love, Sue
on 6/14/06 7:15 am
Sue Boo!!! Soooooo good to hear from you! I was wondering how you are!! Where exactly are you in the weight loss arena now? At goal? I am about 15 lbs. from goal. I feel fabulous, but have increased my water consumption and trying to exercise more lately in order to get this LAST 15 lbs. off. I'm still doing great at taking my vitamins and getting all of my protein in. I think that is why I feel so good. Let us hear from you again!! Hugs, Pam
on 6/14/06 4:18 pm - Saugus, CA
Hi Pam!!! I am so glad to hear from you toooooo To answer your question, no I am not at goal... not quite.. but i am not unhappy either. I would love to lose another ten to twenty pounds.. Good for you re: the vitamins, I have dropped the ball on that this last 10 months or so... stupid, I know. I am getting back on track now, however. I am able to eat so much, sometimes I would forget that I am a gastric bypass patient and need to pay special attention to my nutrition. Today was a good day... I went to the gym and on a reallly long walk with a good friend, and I ate well... so it's a step back in a good direction. What else is new with you?? Are you considering plastics at all? Anyone else?? Sue
Ruth S.
on 6/15/06 12:25 pm - Orlando, FL
LOL......I think this is a reunion of sorts.....I'm right there with you guys...been grazing a ching due to romance or lack of it..issues......but am working with a therapist....since I did hit a bump in the road and traveled the "bulimia" road....which is not a good thing either. I go from not eating much to having a period or two of grazing..and when I do that I can get sick. I was food shopping and was thinking of buying potatoe chips and then I thought - what am I doing!?...I'm glad I stopped by this forum since we're all having similiar issues. I'm now only 10 lbs from goal and want to go at least 10 more....but I'm finally accepting myself and happy with where I am presently, if it doesn't happen. But my mind starts to wonder if I don't be careful I can get back to where I was and that scares me so much ya know...but I think coming here will/does keep me on track so thanks for saying it all so eloquently Sue Boo! And Congrats to all the new pending mommies....I'm jealous!!
on 6/20/06 3:43 pm - Saugus, CA
Hi Ruth, it's so nice to hear from you! You look great! I agree with you re: the grazing... it is awful, it is a terrible habit that is guaranteed to sabotage us if we arent careful.. I am so struggling with that. I read some of your profile and re: the bulimia stuff... I can totally understand how that can happen. In my case, I am unable to throw up at all, unless something is stuck and hasnt already gone down. I think it's because of my silastic ring that I have around the stoma. So believe me, there are many times I wished I could, since I was way too full and wanted to turn back time. I seriously dont know what's going to happen if I ever get stomach flu or food poisoning, since I dont think I am physically capable of vomiting anymore...But I am proud of you for facing that demon and overcoming it. You have to stay strong and realize that is NOT the answer for us.. we have to keep ourselves from overdoing it like that in the first place, and not be filled with regret after over-indulging on a regular basis. Keep in touch. I really want to revive our little board... ~Sue
on 6/16/06 6:58 am
Hi Sue, Pam and Ruth It was so nice to read your posts. I am doing ok, got down to 158 and gained 10 lbs back. I am upset with myself, but it is so hard especially when you discover that you can have chocolate and not dump. I am scheduled for abdominalplasy on June 27 and I am hoping that this surgery will give me the jump start I need to get my body back into the losing mode. I have always been one of the lucky ones to lose at least 30 lbs when I have had past abdominal surgeries so I am praying that this surgery will give me the same results. Either way, I plan on really focusing very hard to lose the 10 I gained back and hopefully another 10. I am hoping the TT will allow me to get back on track and "BEHAVE" because I do not want to undue the purpose of the TT surgery. Hmmmmm funny--I seem to recall saying the same thing back in September 2004, but I know that this may be the last shot I have on jump starting my body to lose. Other than all this I do feel healthy, just annoyed with myself and disgusted for gaining some back. My head has not caught up to my body because when I look in the mirror I still see me in the before reflection even though people always tell me how wonderful and thin I look. The truth is I don't feel thin. I would love to keep in touch with all of you. It is such ashame that our September 2004 site has kind of fizzled out especially when now so many of us have issues with food. Sue, I think it is so weird that there are times we can eat like we were pre surgery and others like we were just out of the OR. Anyway, I had to express my feelings on what I am going through personally and feel so much better to know that I am not alone. Talk to you all soon! Love Marianne
Lynn J
on 6/16/06 7:44 pm - LA
Hello to everyone. Marianne, I have a lot of questions about your TT. Is your insurance going to pay for your TT? I am dying to get a TT, but my ins. doesn't cover it. I can't afford it right now. Do you know about how much it costs? Did the doctor say how much the skin weighs that will be removed? I want to lose 10 more lbs. and I am hoping that after they remove all my skin, then I will be at goal. I have only lost 1 lb. in the last 3 months. I really need a TT bad. My pants don't fit right. I have to buy a bigger size in order to fit my belly. Then the pants are too big in the butt and legs. I am trying to drink 3 protein shakes a day. They really help me stay focused on not eating bad things. I am so petrified of gaining weight. My husband thinks that I have become obsessed. I also don't buy any bad things so they're not in the house to tempt me. The only snack that I buy is peanuts. I weigh myself every day so I can watch myself and stay focused. One of my problems is not drinking enough water. I have had this problem since I had my surgery. I just hate to drink. How tall are you? I thought I was 5' 4", but I am actually 5' 3.5". I weigh 146 and I would like to weigh 135. People tell me that 135 is too low for someone my age. I am 55 yrs. old. What do y'all think? Good luck to everyone! Lynn J., lap RNY 9/29/04 -160 lbs.
on 6/20/06 3:48 pm - Saugus, CA
Mariannnnne! Wow, you are having your abdominoplasty in less than a week! How exciting! I wish you fabulous results, and a healthy, very low discomfort outcome that you are thrilled with! You have to keep us posted on how you are doing. I made my appt for my first tummy tuck consult with a real plastic surgeon. Up till now, I'd only discussed it with my bariatric surgeon, since he does some of this type of reconstruction also. Anyway, I'm very excited for you, and make sure you take lots of before, during and after pics!! you can always throw them out, but it will prob be a valuable reference for you when you look back on everything. Take care, stay in touch! I'll say a little prayer for you to have an easy, successful surgery. ~Sue
on 6/19/06 5:49 am - Fulton, MI
Hi Sue- I'm right there with the rest of you. I am fighting with the same 4-7 lbs. Back and forth, back and forth. I know if I exercised, didn't snack, and drank more water I would probably not be having any problems. But, just as before surgery - we know WHAT we need to do to obtain our goals - it's just so much easier said than done. It seems life is so hurried these days we just don't take the time for ourselves. As for the ps - I did have my breasts done and am very happy with them. I would love to have a LBL but, I just can't justify the cost. My insurance wouldn't cover it and I can't see spending that much money on myself because it would be strictly cosmetic for me. (I don't have any rash issues) When I win the lotto - I'm there!!! LOL Oh, I guess you have to play to win, huh! That's what I'm doing wrong! Well, good luck to all of you getting to goal and ps if you choose that route. Teri
on 6/20/06 3:53 pm - Saugus, CA
Hi Teri, Wow we are dealing with the same problem.. stop snacking, keep exercising...and yes, make time for ourselves!! I can so relate. Congrats on getting "the girls" done.. mine are like pita bread (my mom's analogy!) so it's pretty sad, thank goodness for a good bra! But my lower half bothers me way worse, so that is what I am considering a priority, if I do decide on getting some "work" done. I hope we can jump start our group and our motivation and get those stubborn few pounds off that want to creep back. Stay in touch! ~Sue
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