Great Report

on 6/22/06 6:26 am
Hi All, Just wanted to share my great report from the doctor. In the past 3 months I have lost 15 lbs. of fat and gained 3 lbs. of muscle!! My doctor and I both are thrilled, and this puts me only 12 lbs. from my goal weight. I NEVER thought I would be able to say that I am 12 lbs. from my goal!!! Also, I had a "most expenses paid" trip to Paris France the end of May and the first of June, and we walked 8-10 miles every day. Not only did I "keep up", but one of my friends thought that I faired better than anyone else!!! Two years ago I would not have even been able to fit into a plane seat to fly to France, much less walk all over the city for 8 days straight!!! Being thin is GOOD!!! Hugs to all, Pam
on 6/23/06 9:10 am - Riverside, RI
WOW!!!! your doing great. You must be proud. Congrats on the trip to Paris. It sounds like such a great place. Keep up the great work........ Shannon
on 6/23/06 1:23 pm - Saugus, CA
Hi Shannon, my surgery twin! How are you feeling? You need to give us all an update on what's new with you! Hope to hear from you soon ~Sue
on 6/23/06 1:22 pm - Saugus, CA
yayyy pam I am thrilled for you about your progress in the last three months. It's very inspiring! What did you think of Paris?? I'm sure it was a blast, but did you like it there? Keep up the fantastic work! You are making me realize the value of that exercise!~ Love, Sue
Ruth S.
on 7/4/06 11:19 am - Orlando, FL
Sue.........did u look at ur and Shannon's picture??? You guys do look like TWINS!!!!!!!! and having the same surgery's awesome........Keep up the good work.........
Ruth S.
on 7/4/06 11:30 am - Orlando, FL surgery twin!!!!!! Fabulous report!!! congratulations...share your eating secrets...I have trouble with that still but I'm only 10lbs from my goal weight of 147...I do personal training and it feels great to workout at the gym...but with much less restraint...maybe I have muscle weight's hard to do u know which is the muscle gain? I'm doing good liver function tests are not good..but I'm checking into that right now and will probably need to see my surgeon to see what is going on with that. Good luck to you and continue to be well.
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