Today's GOOD news....

on 6/30/06 9:15 am - Chenoa, IL
Wow! This is kind of like having my own personal blog sight! The good stuff today: Took all my vitamins (will finish up my calcium tonight), got in all my protein and worked some longer hours but didn't graze at all when I got tired. That is when I really struggle--when I'm tired. Okay. Truth is I struggle all the time being the emotional eater that I am!!! What could have been better? Water intake is a little low and my caffeine intake is a tad high. But the evening is young! How was your day? Beth
on 6/30/06 5:22 pm - Saugus, CA
Hi Beth and everyone The good news.. i only drank half my martini said NO to creme brulee after dinner, and walked a couple blocks rather than drive to the restaurant we went to! Also took my vitamins. What could have been better? Skipping martini altogether , getting in a real workout, not having the fast food (arby's) sandwich i ate between lunch and dinner. I rarely have fast food, but I was at the mall with my daughters and they ordered and it was there. Tomorrow I KNOW I'll do better... YAY four day weekends are awesome!!! Have a good weekend guys! Love, Sue
on 6/30/06 9:03 pm - Chenoa, IL
I'm impressed! 1/2 martini!! Have a GREAT weekend, Sue! Beth
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