It's my Birthday in two ways!

on 9/14/06 12:35 am - Hempstead, NY
RNY on 09/07/04 with
Happy Anniversary, September 2004 WLS Hey everybody, I hope life has been treating you well. Well I'm pleased to say that God has blessed me through another birthday (9/06) and my two year WLS birthday (9/7/04). It has truly been exciting. WLS has been like an amusement park, the food rollercoaster, the diet maze, and the house of horrors, the scale. I can tell you one thing whoever said WLS is the easy way out should walk a day in my shoes (or any other person who has had WLS). I will never regret having surgery it has changed my life for the better. My health is much better, my esteem is up and I am more conscious of my eating habits. I have learned that the secret to losing and maintaining weight is to being real with your self, taking responsibilities for your actions and letting things go, but most of all, temperance. I look at my body as a gift now, something that needs to be cherished. I only have one and if I mess this one up, I can't get another one. The way I see it God has enough to do, I don't want to make things harder by deliberately not taking care of myself. So I'm saying all this to say, I'm glad I made it through 2 years and to pray to make it through many more. I wish everybody who has been through WLS the best and welcome those to follow. Take care and enjoy! Armena, post-op 9/7/04
on 9/14/06 3:20 pm - Saugus, CA
Armena First off, I love your name! Very close to my middle name~ Armen. Congratulations on your success! I loved looking at your profile and seeing your faith in God woven throughout every thing you do. Like you, I feel so very blessed. Like you, I realize the battle will never truly be over. But I feel like we at least have a true chance to succeed each and every day now that we've been given this gift. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!! ~Sue
on 9/14/06 3:21 pm - Saugus, CA
on 9/15/06 1:06 am - Grand Rapids, MI
congrats on your success and Happy Two Way Birthday. wishing you the best
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