Two years and 177 lbs later

on 9/30/06 12:06 am - Columbia, MO
It was two years ago on 9/27 that I went through my RNY surgery. I can't believe it has flown by so quickly. I had my daughter take a picture of me today but it won't be on here for awhile I imagine because I just emailed it a few minutes ago. I have lost a total of 177 lbs and feel sooooo much better. I would still like to lose another 30 lbs at least and I am still losing about five lbs a month. I have found the best liquid vitamin ever. I could not take the liquid Centrum. It literally gagged me to get it down. So, I just continued with a multivitamin pill for the last two years. I had the feeling, though, that it wasn't really breaking down in my system and sometimes I could see it come through the other end, if you know what I mean, without breaking down. I was also having major problems with constipation, major problems that didn't seem to go away no matter what I was doing. In addition I could never find a calcium citrate that I really liked. All of the chewables tasted so nasty to me. I was also taking glucasomine chondrotin double strength pills for some knee and shoulder pain and it was barely helping. Not like enough though. Add to this the fact that I read the Hallelujah Diet and became convinced that we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. At least, I was barely eating any fruits and vegetables. The Hallelujah Diet tells us that we should be consuming a supplement from fruits and vegetables. They sell one. I tried it. It also gagged me. Then, a friend told me about a company called Eniva that has a product called Vibe that is a liquid vitamin. They also have a bunch of other liquids such as Flex which is glucasomine chondrotin, calcium, magnesium, boron, chromium and bio-chlor. I have started taking all of these. Vibe is made of fruits and vegetables. i take one ounce in about two ounces of orange juice each morning. I have more energy, am less tired and have better mental clarity. Then I take the Flex that has really been helping my knee and shoulder pain. The calcium is liquid citrate. I take it and then I also take the magnesium. The combination of these helps me sleep really well. The magnesium helps keep me regular. Nothing has worked as well. I take the bio-chlor because it helps with the internal odor. the boron helps process the calcium and magnesium and the chromium is suppsoed to help with hunger. I'm so glad I found out about these vitamins. If you are interested, email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the url to go and look into them. I'm telling you, every surgeon should be recommending these vitamins.
Lynn J
on 10/3/06 8:05 am - LA
Teresa, Congrats on the weight loss. You are lucky that you're still losing. I have stopped losing but I would love to lose another 5 or 10 lbs. But everyone tells me that I am too skinny. I still feel like I'm fat, but a lot of the excess skin needs to come off. It probalby weighs 10 lbs. My insurance doesn't cover tummy tucks even if medically necessary, so I have to save my money for the TT. Maybe one day. I am glad that you found some vitamins that you like. I take magnesium capsules from Vitamin Shoppe and they really help with my constipation. I take Citracal Chews and I like them. Also I take Centrum Silver chewables. I take a lot of vitamins: Vit B-100, zinc, iron, B-12, Vit C, dry Vit A & D, dry Vit E. All of these are in capsule form except the B-12 and iron. Lynn J., lap RNY 9/29/04 5' 4" 306/146/135
Jan Ocala
on 12/11/06 11:40 am - Ocala, FL
Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment!!! It sure has been a time of fantastic changes these past two years!! I'm glad you found the vitamins you like. I took pills for only a month, fairly early out, and realized immediately that my energy was dwindling! I went back to bariatric vitamins and voila, I felt better right away. I love doing the one-stop-shopping thing at for vitamins, protein and of course delicious sugar free foods!!! Ya'll should check it out!
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