Just a little scared help

on 4/15/07 12:47 pm
Hi all! I will be 3 years out in September and I need to lose 40 lbs. more to be at my goal weight. I will start by telling you that I started at 320lbs. and I now weigh 165-170. I was wondering if you all are going through this though, I sometimes feel like I can eat alot and other times am full fast. If I behave and stop snacking and doing all I need to do.( Been a little bad) will my pouch go back somewhat and Ill feel fuller longer? I have recognized my bad habits and I am doing something right away but I am scared because for the most part I get full pretty quick but sometimes I feel like I can eat way to much. Please help! Love Amybee
on 4/16/07 3:28 am - Lewiston, ME
CONGRATS Amy---you have done great---155lbs lost is nothing to sneeze at!! I feel the same way about my pouch--sometimes I can eat alot other times very little--I just got back on track today--writing down what I eat and how much protein and water--I had family crisis in Jan. and have gained 12 lbs since then---I had eaten alot of junk when I knew better. I was told my pouch would go back if I stuck to my routine of eating right and not stretching it out anymore(from a friend though and not my Dr)--you recognized what you were doing early and thats good---also the fact that you are doing something about it is good too. Do you go to a support group or have a friend you can lean on---that helps--also if you need a friend or encouragement you can contact me anytime. Best Wishes April
on 4/16/07 6:33 am - Chenoa, IL
Hi, Amy! I believe we are having "normal" postop experiences....This is where we have to focus on maintaining the lifestyle changes we made when we first started--no grazing, protein first, no drinking before/after meals, etc.... I've been below goal for about year...my eating habits started getting sloppy (grazing on carbs to be exact!) and I suddenly gained 10 lbs. I've had to have some serious talks with myself and realize I will always, always be a morbidly obese person inside---but it's up to ME not to become one again on the outside!! And with help from my pouch the grouch, I can do it. I threw away new boxes of cereal, crackers, nuts and anything that I could grab a quick handful as I walked by or had lost control over. For a couple days I did protein drinks, only. The first day was a killer!! Talk about withdrawal! Wow!!!! I didn't realize how much I had let those little buggers back into my life!!! By the second day, I felt better and was SO thankful to feel the cravings diminish. That "full" feeling returned as long as I eat dense protein and no drinking with eating. I'm also logging everything that goes into my mouth into fitday.com. Accountability is a must! I'm going to try to stay away from the scale, too. I know my clothes don't fit as comfortably. Weighing every day seems to fill me with those old thoughts of "why bother?" and allow those old habits to creep in.... It's been 5 days and it's a relief to know getting back in control IS possible. Without the surgery, once I fell off the wagon it was all over. The tool is always there and it's up to us to respect and use it. Take care and best of luck!! Beth RNY 9/3/04 Normal BMI and I still don't recognize those size 4 jeans when I fold them.....
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