on 8/5/07 2:13 pm - Westminster, CA
I was just wondering for those of you who have had the revision or are considering it; what are the "requirements"? I am going to talk with my surgeon on the 16th of this month but was hoping for some answers Thanks Shannon
on 1/18/08 1:40 am - Bayville, NJ
I am also Curious...I am meeting with my surgeon on the 22nd and need all the help I can get.... Christine
on 2/28/13 11:07 am - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with

Did you ever get  a reply? I am ashamed that my numbers are climbing and I am feeling just miserable, like jaba the hut, all over again. Gonna call my surgeon in the AM to schedule an appt.

Christine F.
on 8/29/14 11:10 pm - West Allis, WI

I know this post is old but since it's relevant to my situation, I thought I would reply anyway. 

I had my original RNY on 9/10/04 and am  scheduled for revision on 9/29/14 with the same doctor.  I lost, all told, half of my original 341 pounds within 2 years and was pretty satisfied there. Then life happened, meet my husband and kids, got married and had a healthy baby boy.  Then my husband lost his job and we lost our health insurance. I stopped doing my post surgery check ups. Within 5 years, I've gained about 100 pounds. 

So I returned to my surgeon when I became covered by health insurance again. I had to meet the same pre surgery requirements as though I was having my first surgery.  I. Am now scheduled for surgery on 9/29/2014 after being approved by insurance in less than 1week.  I'm excited and nervous but know better what to expect, good and bad. 


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