September 17..Happy surgiversary surgery buddies!

on 9/16/07 10:23 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Three years! Whew, can you believe it's been that long???? Looking back... At my consult, I was 352 lbs. The day of my surgery, I was 344 lbs. Today? 170 lbs. That's a 92% decrease of my excess weight!! Has it been easy? Heck no! In the first year post op, I had 15 endoscopies (due to strictures and 2 ulcers), 2 perforations (from the endoscopes), a revision (due to the perforations), and a triple internal hernia (aka KBS). The 2nd year, my complications had all cleared up and instead, I had to have bunion surgery on each foot..separately (so 14 weeks of being in a walking cast!). And now???? Now, I'm looking forward. Next Tuesday on the 25th, I will be having abdominoplasty (full tumy tuck) and thigh lift done. In March, I'll be getting a breast lift & implant and arm lift. By my 4 yr surgiversary, I will finally have the body that I could have never obtained without the help of weight loss surgery. Every endo, every stricture, every ulcer, every perf, every surgery was worth it for every pound that I have lost and kept off! So...September '04' buds...I hope you were able to or will be able to .... spend your surgeriversary saying 'YAY!!! I did it!!'. Sherri
Rebecca N.
on 9/19/07 12:53 am - Ft. Worth, TX
congratulations!!! I had surgery sept. 20th 2004. I go to see my doctor today for my 3 yr checkup! I'm kind of excited and scared at the same time. I have probally put on about 30 lbs since I saw him last. I have read some of the revision posts so I will ask him today about that. Overall I feel I have done well. I just can eat a whole lot more now than I used to. I originally lost 90 lbs....went from a size 22-24w to a size 4-6 but now I comfortably wear a size 12. I sure wish I could get back to atleast a size 8. My husband and I have really been talking about plastic surgery so I will be checking into that soon. I can't wait. Good luck with you tummy tuck (how exciting!) rebecca
Lynn J
on 9/22/07 1:36 am - LA
Sherri, Happy Surgiversary to you!! You did great. I am so jealous that you are having PS. I am dying for a TT but can't afford it right now. I would be at goal if I had a TT as I have so much skin to be removed on my tummy. Lynn J., lap RNY 9/29/04 5'4" 306/146/135
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