FYI: Gastroparesis and WLS

on 6/29/08 1:29 pm - U S M C Picks my home..., NC
FYI: If you are Dianogised with Gastroparesis and the docs tell you that by having WLS will fix it well it dont. I was 169 lbs in January this yr and now in 5 months i have blossomed up to(41 lbs gain) 210 lbs bc they didnt keep me on the meds. Gastroparesis is mainly found in Daibetics... but Since i am a odd person I have it and i am not diabetic although my father is. This disease is where your stomach does not digest food bc the nerves in the stomach dont work. And since it doesnt digest it also messes with your intestins as well. UPDATE on me: When i had WLS in 04 i was 5'9 now i am 5'6 bc of my back problems. I am to have back surgery and they wont do the surgery til i lose 100 lbs bc now i am considered OBESE AGAIN!!! So the docs are putting in a referral for a revision for WLS. Then after i lose the 100 lbs they will allow the back surgery. All of this is due to lack of prescribing meds for the Gastroparesis that i have.
Ruth S.
on 9/16/08 12:13 pm - Orlando, FL
Wow! they expect you to lose 100 down to 110? That's crazy for given your height. I was high glucose diabetes..had been given Reglan to help with some abdominal pains..but the dr didn't declare I had gastropareis..though Reglan is use to help with this. What they told me gastroparsis is that the stomach doesn't digest the food fast enough or so slow it can sit there and even actually rot in your stomach cause it's not either digesting or not moving fast enough. Look into the Stomaphyx procedure..(if you've had RNY) this should help cause this is a one day procedure where they go through the mouth and create or recreate a new smaller pouch using fasteners. Helps with 25 or so lbs of weight loss. Best of luck to you!
Ruth S.
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FYI: Gastroparesis and WLS
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