OMG! Difficult but completed FINALLY!!

on 7/29/04 12:11 am - W. Bridgewater, MA
I went through from very 1st post to the final and current posts and I have written down everyones surgery dates. *WHEW* If by any chance I have forgotten anyone, I sincerely apologize. It is not intentional. As new members join the board (and there has been alot so far...YAY!!!) I will add them to the list. I am not trying to be nosy but I just don't want to forget anyone....I have got a crappy memory. Anyhoo, that is all for now....LOL. Erin
on 7/29/04 10:01 am - New Lenox, IL
Erin, Are you going to post the list for all of us here? That would be just great. I think it will help many of us with crappy memories. Marcia
on 8/1/04 6:36 pm - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with
instead of the September Club... maybe this should be the September with crappy memories losers club!!! (I can barely remember my name some days) Its the dreaded MENopause.
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